Windows xp advanced firewall

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Steps for Configuring the Windows XP Firewall

windows xp advanced firewall

Windows Firewall is the updated firewall software in Windows XP Service Pack 2 that The Advanced tab lets you configure the following.

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A Developer. An Eweek. As long as you don't mind tinkering, The Dude is a decent network utility that should be worth the download. Windows XP's Internet Connection Firewall ICF protects your network against undesired incoming traffic from the Internet -- everything from casual port scans by bored teenagers to serious break-in attempts by determined hackers. ICF creates a protective barrier between your network and the Internet, only passing through traffic that you've requested. That's good, because there are some connections that can benefit from ICF, and some that must not use it. Here are some points to ponder when deciding whether to use ICF on your network connections.

How to enable or disable the Microsoft Windows Firewall

Manually Disable Windows Firewall in XP

Windows Firewall

They're intended to protect your computer or network from potential attackers who might damage or get access to your personal information. However, in some cases, these firewall programs may prevent access to Indiana University web services e. The ICF is fairly basic; however, if it is the only firewall protection your computer has, try enabling it and see if it affects any functions you normally use. If you have trouble with applications or services after installing Windows XP SP2, you can make exceptions in the Windows Firewall for those programs. To disable the firewall, select Off not recommended. If you want to suspend any exceptions you've made, check Don't allow exceptions.

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Many users are interested in either enabling or disabling their Windows Firewall for various reasons. Some users want to utilize a different firewall, and some may have turned theirs off by accident.

Windows XP comes with a built-in firewall called Windows Firewall. For people who do not want to spend the money on a commercial software firewall, this firewall will be more than enough to protect your computer. By default, Windows Firewall disables all incoming traffic to your computer, including ICMP traffic, which consists of pings. This will allow you to open up ports for services like web servers, mail servers, game servers, etc. Windows Firewall comes configured with basic services that you can enable to be opened, and you also have the ability to add other rules for incoming traffic that are not already configured.

Firewalls are not a silver bullet that will shield you from all threats, but firewalls certainly help keep your system more secure. The firewall will not detect or block specific threats the way an antivirus program does, nor will it stop you from clicking on a link in a phishing scam email message or from executing a file infected with a worm. The firewall simply restricts the flow of traffic into and sometimes out of your computer to provide a line of defense against programs or individuals that might try to connect to your computer without your approval. Microsoft has included a firewall in their Windows operating system for a while, but, until the release of Windows XP SP2 , it has been disabled by default and required that the user knows of its existence and take steps to turn it on. You can get to the Windows Firewall settings by either clicking on the small shield icon in the Systray at the lower right of the screen and then clicking on Windows Firewall at the bottom under the Manage security settings for heading.


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