Hot wheels battle force 5

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Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 – Videos

hot wheels battle force 5

Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 is an American—Canadian 3D CGI animated television series created by Mattel, Nelvana Limited, and Nerd Corps Entertainment.

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It is Merchandise-Driven , much like the previous entries in the Hot Wheels Acceleracers franchise, but this is the first one to be an all-out animated series. While the main character, Vert Wheeler, seems to be the same, no mention is made of the previous two works. The series is notable for how Troperiffic it is; it seems like Nerd Corps hunted down every Saturday Morning Cartoon trope they could think of and are systematically worked their way down the list. In fact, this show has so many tropes, that we decided to provide a list of tropes in each episode here. Community Showcase More.

The SkyKnife is a binary fusion of the Saber and the Chopper. This aerial assault vehicle can transform into an airplane-like craft with the Saber's signature chainsaw blade as the primary armament. Upon Zoom's arrival, the vehicles fused and the two were briefly able to get an edge against the two Red Sentients. It was next seen in Mouth of the Dragon. To save Vert from falling, Zoom fired the Fuser , and the vehicles merged. They did battle with the Red Sentients before it defused upon landing. It appeared again in Full Throttle.

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Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5

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