Presepi napoli san gregorio armeno

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San Gregorio Armeno: History and legends of the street of cribs

presepi napoli san gregorio armeno

Via San Gregorio Armeno Napoli, il nostro negozio di Pastori e Presepi

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Via San Gregorio Armeno it is famous throughout the world for many workshops dedicated to the ancient art of Neapolitan crib with its strictly terracotta statuettes. The famous street of the nativity artisans, at any time of the year it is possible to experience the magic Christmas atmosphere, thanks to their tireless creativity and originality in transforming real characters that stand out for news reports in figurines to enrich their crib with a cute touch of topicality. Describe the variety of shops, small shops and stalls that crowd Via San Gregorio Armeno is not easy: it is amazed and delighted by this maxi colorful crib in the center of Naples. For Neapolitan families, before building the crib, a stop in San Gregorio Armeno is mandatory. Here, in fact, you can find pretty much everything to the crib: from cork or cardboard houses in various sizes, the windmills or waterfalls, by the statues of shepherds terracotta hand-painted 30 cm tall ones with dresses sewn fabric tailored.

Some speak a little English. Maybe enough to tell you how much something is, but my advice is to learn a little Italian before traveling to Naples! Also, watch out for the Vespa scooter drivers well all drivers in Napoli! You are also not far from many churches, especially the Duomo of Naples! I've been several times! One of my all-time favorite places in Napoli! People from Napoli are very funny and warm.

The Nativity scene presepe for Neapolitan people is not only a religious symbol, it is above all a tradition and an artistic expression dear to many, even the less devout, which they continue to follow come Christmas time. Via San Gregorio Armeno is the famous street in Naples where Nativity handicrafts are sold, and where the number of artisan workshops making them abound. Not just a prerogative of tourists, a visit to San Gregorio Armeno is a must for local families too. The variety of scenes and objects on display is incredible: from cardboard and cork houses to windmills and waterfalls powered by electricity, to hand-painted terracotta statues of shepherds with tailor-made real clothes. There are fruit sellers, fishmongers, butchers, even pizza makers; and then the Holy Family, with the ox and donkey, in all sizes and prices. Source: ecampania.

This narrow street Is one of the most beautiful bits of the city. Full of history, Christmas lights and peculiar art and craft. The atmosphere is absolutely breathtaking, with genuine representation of the city! The street that feels like 25th December all year round. Via San Gregorio Armeno is laden with workshops either side selling nativity scenes and all things hand made. Some great sights to see, plenty of souvenirs to buy and photos to be taken.

presepe town - Via San Gregorio Armeno

Via San Gregorio Armeno, the street of the cribs

It is one of the most famous places in the world, and every year, the destination of thousands of tourists abducted by the timeless charm of the shops of master craftsmen of crib art. Also known as Via San Liguoro , the ancient street is of Greek origins, like the entire cross-section surrounding it: winding alleyways intersecting at right angles, as per the plan designed by the architect Hippodamo from Mileto and then exported to the colonies of Magna Grecia. It is no coincidence that it perpendicularly connects the two main Decumans: the largest one the current via dei Tribunali and the lower one the modern Spaccanapoli. During the fifteenth century, the alley that extends to the former agora near San Gaetano Square , took the name of Strada Nostriana from the name of the then bishop of Naples, Nostriano, who here raised the the first hospital for the sick and poor. The building was only later t identified by the name of the Bishop of Armenia, to whom, since , a small church was dedicated, founded by a group of Basilian nuns. But it is much more likely that they were the nuns of San Basilio , eighth century , founded the monastery that in was joined by a flyover, to that of San Pantaleone and San Sebastiano. It is said that the Sisters had come to Naples led or inspired by Saint Patrizia of Constantinople , escaping from the oriental iconoclast, carrying with them the remains of St.

Napoli is famous for its crib tradition and it has even a road exclusively with crib shops: Via San Gregorio Armeno. Via San Gregorio Armeno is one of the most amazing attractions in Naples. Besides the Jesus- and Madonna figurines you will also find detailed copies of pizzerias, fruit markets, all household objects, gastronomic delights, exotic animals, and sometimes even caricatured politicians and football players. And all or nearly all handmade! A good period to visit the street is in september-november, when all the handicraftsmen start to prepare their shop for the busy Christmas time. Portanapoli January 5, January 16, Culture , Naples.

Via San Gregorio Armeno: Home to Naplesí Nativity Scene Craft Artists

Read more. The city of Naples was the protagonist of many movies attempting to describe and reproduce the vitality and incomparable passion of its inhabitants Imperia is famous in Italy for its Extra-Virgin Olive Oil production, exported throughout the world since the s. The main ingredient for this With every new start to the Christmas season, the shopping race takes off, and the Italian streets are filled with exquisitely festive colors and light.





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