Sovrapposto beretta s55 calibro 20

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sovrapposto beretta s55 calibro 20

Sovrapposto Beretta mod.S cal bigrillo senza bindella anno in vendita presso L'armeria Pasquini Roma tel 06/ al.

2017    on the road in italiano

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Under the forend, the left of the top barrel is marked "CAM. The bottom of the monoblock has crowned "PB", Italian proofs, "S. The top of the forend iron is marked "B". Each side of the receiver has Beretta's rings and arrows logo surrounded by "P. There is border engraving at the hinge and below the Beretta-style "wings". There is another section of rib on top of the chamber to provide the proper sight-plane.

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TROVISPORT - Beretta S.55 Sobrepostos 71cm cal.20 (usada)



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