Fifa mobile pack opening

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fifa mobile pack opening

I GOT 100 OVR UTOTS RONALDO / Greatest Super Utots bundle packs opening in fifa Mobile 19


Categories Discussions Best Of November 25, AM. This is my first year playing fifa but I noticed that i get better packs if I open them on app Oh and also that is three good packs for me out of 5 on app. The other two packs I got 84 rated players. Is this just me or what? I like mobile for opening packs aswell.

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Better to open packs on companion app?


FIFA 19 Pack Opener

Head to Head mode H2H is an online game mode in FIFA Mobile which allows you to play 11v11 matches against other online users from around the world in real-time. In Amateur and Pro Divisions, you could be matched against an AI team to help you improve your gameplay skills. By winning and drawing H2H games you will earn cups and rewards. The number of cups you gain will decide your division. To promote to higher divisions, you will need to collect more cups. H2H has 13 divisions, the number of your earned cups determines your current division.

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We want you to have the best experience with our game, so we want to share more information with you that will be helpful as you make choices while you play. Oftentimes, Packs that advertise specific promotions will include probabilities for promotional categories. The probabilities are on a Pack by Pack basis and are not cumulative. That means that each Pack opening is an independent event, and opening multiple of the same pack does not change the likelihood of being awarded an Item. Probabilities are then validated by simulating the opening of a very large number of packs. The number of packs opened in a simulation varies based on item rarity, but it will always be enough to be statistically valid. We then re-run this process with every content update.



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  1. FIFA Mobile Database. search Search; Login. Scroll to the right to see all the packs! Contains 6 Retro or treasure hunt players. RETRO/TREASURE PACK.

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