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ma vai a cagare

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From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Go take a shit. Vada a cagare! Fuck you! Vai a cagare!

There is something so satisfying about learning swear words in another language. After Rachel wrote this article with 8 swear words to add sass to your Italian vocabulary , we thought it would only be fair to follow up with another list of insults. Remember that adjectives also change in number in Italian. Rachel mentioned the one above in a list of phrases to sound more Tuscan. Have questions? Or want to know how say a different insult? Leave a comment below.

Alongside the Nazi symbol, a refrain from the Nazi-era military song the Panzerlied, "Es braust unser panzer" "our tank roars" , was discovered scratched into the wooden door of one of the men's toilets in the Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, which houses the lower house of the Italian parliament. By the time it was pictured on Monday, the graffiti was accompanied by — we assume — a later addition: "Ma vai a cagare" roughly "fuck off", but more toilet-themed. The building is open not only to politicians but to administrative staff, journalists and others, including schoolchildren taking guided tours. While the graffitist may have been just an idiotic attention-seeker, Italy has seen neo-Nazis carry out a spate of stunts in recent months, including violent attacks on migrants and threats against journalists. Italy's news in English Search. News categories Milan Naples Turin More…. Membership My account Gift voucher Corporate Help center.

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Download mp3 file size 1,3 MB - right click and choose 'save target as' Get a print version of this page. They say better out than in. No one believes this more than the Italians who think arguing is healthy, certainly a lot healthier than brewing resentment. An argument in the middle of an Italian square sounds as if another war has broken out, but by the time you've got yourself all upset they've already made up and behave as if nothing has happened. To survive in Italy you often have to be louder than everyone around you, that's why they all sound so angry! They're not really.

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Fri Mar 23, pm GMT. Other languages such as French, may sound pretty nice, but they use a lot of extra letters that make no sense, for example, why would you put an S at the end of a word if you're not gonna pronounce it? Same with the T's or why do singular and plurals sound the same i.

29 Italian Insults that Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Ok, I have to be honest with myself once in a while. Italian language definitely rocks. It has so many swear words and all of them are different and varies immensely in meaning. In English you might say bitch, cunt or whatsoever. In Italian to say bitch you could use about 20 or more words. Yeah, I think it damn is.

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