Margaret thatcher last public appearance

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Death and funeral of Margaret Thatcher

margaret thatcher last public appearance

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Among the last things Lady Thatcher saw in the final hours before her death on Monday was a video of eight biscuit-coloured Dachshund puppies and their mother. The dogs were the property of Lady Powell, the Italian wife of the former prime minister's trusted Downing Street private secretary, Lord Powell who on Sunday night was the last person to visit Lady Thatcher as she neared the end of a year battle with strokes, memory loss and the rheumatic condition polymyalgia. Sitting with her at her suite in the Ritz where she had been staying since the end of last year, Powell took out his iPad to entertain his former boss. On it, he showed her a video that his wife had sent him from their home outside Rome which the former prime minister had visited for several years running during her decline. She had smiled at the antics of puppies and their mother, Lady Powell said her husband had told her. I think she's drifting away.

She epitomised a particular school of right-wing politics: Thatcherism — laissez-faire economics and individual self-determination. Even after her death, she remains a controversial figure. Some see her as having saved Britain from economic decline, others believe she destroyed the livelihoods of millions of workers. Yet this powerful woman began her life in a quiet market town. Margaret Thatcher talks about her upbringing in Grantham.

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The frail former Iron Lady was pictured last October with son Mark and his wife Sarah as they headed out for her 87th birthday dinner. This is the final public photo of the once-fearsome Margaret Thatcher , who suffered a decade of declining health before her death today. She had previously last been seen in public in March , enjoying the spring sunshine in a park near her home in Belgravia. Most of her final days were spent at home, sitting in an armchair in the drawing room, listening to classical music or watching Songs of Praise. She passed away today at the Ritz Hotel, where she had been convalescing after a spell in hospital for bladder surgery in December. Mark and his sister Carol released a statement saying their mother had died peacefully this morning after suffering a stroke. In June , her beloved husband, Sir Denis, died age 88 — and friends believe it prompted her own decline.

Afflicted by dementia and a series of strokes, she kept asking where he was and had to be told repeatedly that he had died, in Each time, as she absorbed the news, she confronted her loss and grief anew. It was not the only change Baroness Thatcher had to come to grips with. According to reports in the British media, she moved into an upper-floor suite at the luxury hotel following surgery last December to remove a growth in her bladder. The Daily Mail estimated that the suite at The Ritz was the size of a small flat. The Guardian reported that she was invited to stay long-term by the owners David and Frederick Barclay, who also own the Telegraph Media Group.

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Margaret Thatcher: final moments in hotel without her family by her bedside

By Steven Swinford. Margaret Thatcher : coverage in full Margaret Thatcher obituary Margaret Thatcher death: latest reaction. The former Prime Minister, whose health had been deteriorating since Christmas, died at 11am on Monday in the presence of her doctor and carer. Her children, Sir Mark and Carol, both live abroad and were making plans to return to Britain for her funeral. She had been staying at a suite in The Ritz since Christmas after struggling to cope with the stairs at her London home in Chester Square, Belgravia.

Lady Thatcher's final days cheered by puppy antics and tales of former PMs

On 17 April, she was honoured with a ceremonial funeral. Due to polarised opinion about her achievements and legacy, reaction to her death was mixed throughout Britain and evoked contrasting praise and criticism. The funeral was notable for the attendance of the reigning monarch, Elizabeth II ; each of her four successors as prime minister also paid homage. Her body was subsequently cremated at Mortlake Crematorium. Thatcher's ashes were buried at the Royal Hospital Chelsea , London, in a private ceremony on 28 September , alongside those of her husband Denis.






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  1. The visit is believed to be her last trip outside her home or London's Ritz hotel, where she died in April.

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