Ancient gear deck duel links

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My Ancient Gear Deck!!!

ancient gear deck duel links

Legendary Ancient Gears! World Championship Deck Testing! [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Duel Links Store Page. Global Achievements. Alright so I ancient gear decks suddenly became the new meta when I was about to finish a decent elemental hero deck.

Want to share your deck to help other playes? Send us an e-mail at gametaro39 gmail. The title of your email must be KOG deck. GameA will crop sent images. IGN however will be still listed. It will help us do analysis on current meta!

Jeremy enjoys dueling in-between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager. Composed of earth-attributed machine-type monsters, the Ancient Gear archetype dates all the way back to the Yu-Gi-Oh GX era, where it was featured in the anime by Dr. You'd think a series that old wouldn't be competitively viable in modern dueling, but thanks to a steady stream of awesome support cards plus an impressive base release , the Ancient Gear monsters remain a surprisingly deadly bunch. Machine monsters already have several type-dependent tricks up their robotic sleeves, like the ATK-doubling Power Bond and Limiter Removal spells, but the Ancient Gear archetypes houses additional impressive effects to help you win duels in only a few turns. Yet with dozens of members and supports to choose from, which units reign supreme? Type: Monster Many high-level Ancient Gear cards like Ancient Gear Golem can't be special summoned, a trend that Reactor Dragon helpfully avoids, letting you gimmick it from your deck or graveyard with other family effects. To normal summon the level 9 Reactor Dragon, you'll normally need two tributes, but since it can be special summoned, and thanks to the Geartown field spell we'll soon see, summoning Reactor is easier than it seems.

Today's episode discusses the rare cards in the Galactic Origin box set. Really good cards, especially the Gladiator Beast support! Click here to refresh the feed. Today's episode reviews the Super Rares that can be obtained through the Galactic Origin box set. Today's episode goes over the obtainable Ultra Rare cards that can be found in the new Galactic Origin box set. Today's episode discusses the news going on for the weekend of November 10th - 12th! The Paradox Bros.

Ancient Gear + Geargia

Linework of " Soldier ", " Golem " and " Beast ". The humanoid "Ancient Gears" bear a striking similarity to Ancient Greek soldiers, and so their creation may be linked to the Antikythera mechanism. True to their name, all "Ancient Gear" monsters resemble armored robots of varying designs with their bodies featuring unions of cogwheels and gears, joining several parts of their bodies together.

3 Best Decks in YuGiOh Duel Links to Climb the PVP Ranks

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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?, The goal is to open with the enough cards to fusion summon Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem. Use these cards to search for Polymerization.

KC Cup Stage 1 Deck - Ancient Gears - YuGiOh Duel Links Talk - Ep. 143

At the time, Ancient Gears were used in control decks in tandem with Sergeant Electro to be a nuisance to heavy backrow decks. As the meta sped up, the niche of Ancient Gears became outdated and the deck was powercrept off the tier list. However, Ancient Gears received meta defining support in February with the release of Ancient Gear Awakening structure deck, giving the deck much needed power to allow it to compete with the other top tier decks. When I was first introduced to Duel Links, I was drawn to the Ancient Gear archetype by their easy access and cool artwork. It was my very first King of Games decklist and helped me learn how to play the game.






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