Strongest person on earth

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Who Is the World’s Strongest Person?

strongest person on earth

The World's Strongest Man 2019 - FINALS

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Identifying the strongest man in history is somewhat controversial, as several different metrics can be used to award the title. Technically speaking, this is the record for the most mass lifted any distance away from its support. Limiting the title of strongest man in history to verifiable lifts essentially disqualifies all strongmen from before the modern era, as notable lifts from the Middle Ages and earlier are typically only known through written, unverifiable records. Coincidentally, even the heaviest of these lifts still does not exceed the heaviest confirmed modern record, detailed below. Louis Cyr — , often regarded as the strongest man in history, was a French Canadian strongman famous for his impressive feats of strength from a young age, most notably for the heaviest confirmed lift of any kind in recorded history.

Are you strong? In gym class, you've probably tried push-ups.
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The World's Strongest Man is an international strongman competition held every year. The current event sponsor is Tachi Palace. There are now several documentaries available that chart the history of WSM. David Webster , a Scot who later received an OBE for his services to sport, was the head coordinator of the competition from its inception. Douglas Edmunds, seven-time Scottish shot and discus champion and twice world caber champion, [7] worked with Webster and when Webster retired Edmunds took over. These two men were responsible for inviting the competitors and choosing the events.

World's Strongest Man

These days, strongmen can show off their power in weightlifting competitions and WWE wrestling matches, but in earlier times, men hoisted bulls, iron wheels and seemingly immovable carts to prove their might. Here are some of the most legendary strongmen in history.



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