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watch bitten online free

Only here you can watch Bitten - Season 1 Free in p. Watch the latest Episodes for Free on movies | The life of Elena Michael, a young beautiful.

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Watch Bitten Season 1 Episode 1. Action , Drama , Fantasy , Suspense. Choose a Streaming Option providers. Watch with Watch on Maxdome Watch Now. High quality.

As Elena fights to save her Pack, one event propels the world of Bitten in a whole new direction. While Elena and Clay have the tables turned on them, not everyone survives the latest assault by Roman. Elena and Clay face off against a deadly new threat while a secret about Rachel changes the playing field.
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Everything, forever could change if Elena's bold and dangerous plan to take back Stonehaven and save what remains of the Pack is successful. As Jeremy wages a psychological war in a desperate effort to free himself and Elena, a rescue attempt is made by Clay, Nick and Alexei. Meanwhile, Clay and Alexei track down the victim of a young wolf's attack. Jeremy attempts to broker a deal to end the year blood feud between Sasha and Roman. Meanwhile, Nick investigates what Roman and his werewolves have planned.

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Add to List. Desperate to escape both a world she never wanted to be part of and the man who turned her into a werewolf, Elena has abandoned her Pack and taken refuge in a new city.





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  1. Watch Bitten Saison 1 Online, When she left Stonehaven - 'for good this time' - Elena Michaels thought she had left the world of supernatural behind.

  2. Bitten - Season 1 Full Movie movies. Elena Michaels is the only Episode Ready. Bitten - Season 1 | movies: Watch Movies Online Free.

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