Marc almond heart on snow

Marc Almond, Heart on Snow

marc almond heart on snow

Heart on Snow is the twelfth solo studio album by the British singer/songwriter Marc Almond. It was released by Blue Star Music, in conjunction with XIII BIS.

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Much as I esteem tikka-ri, Lord High Pooh-bah of the Finns, in this instance his analysis is quite wide of the mark. As High Coroner of Munchkinland I must aver that not only is this really bad, it really is most sincerely bad. And the key word here is sincerely. This opus is covered in sticky, yellow-white, viscous sincerity to a terrifying extent, evident in every gooey note Almond warbles even before one turns to the liner-book. Yes, "book": in the "limited European edition" that I was so incautious as to invest my pocketful of euros on, the disc comes with a miniature hardback book with an introduction by Marc, full lyrics, photos of the songwriters and performers, and commentary on every song by one Mikhail Kucherenko. For one thing, most of the songs Almond is covering belong to a different era and a different tradition—post-war Soviet estrada rather than the older popular tunes favored by the Mit'ki.

L ike Napoleon, pop stars can come a cropper in Russia. The baffling, hubristic Love and the Russian Winter left Simply Red frostbitten, and now Marc Almond brings us Heart on Snow, a labour of love for which it's hard to feel much affection. A confirmed Russophile, Almond has no truck with the modern nation of billionaire oligarchs and tATu. He's wistful for the days of "working, waving the red flag and singing", although presumably not for gulags and the like. Heart on Snow's Russian material, from 19th-century romance songs to pieces by gay Soviet dissident Vadim Kozin, certainly appeals to Almond's sense of melodrama but lacks the sly humour of Soft Cell and his best solo work.

Defying expectations and throwing anyone for a loop who guessed what Marc Almond might do after Stranger Things , Heart on Snow is his Russian album.
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An article by the BBC describes how Almond "went to St Petersburg to interpret traditional Russian romance songs" to make what "may have become his most ambitious album so far". The album was released as a standard jewel case CD and a limited edition CD book in a slipcase containing a page book with extensive background notes to all of the songs. The single "Gone But Not Forgotten" was released from the album in September with two tracks "Gosudaryunia" and "Just One Chance" and the video for the title track. Reviews for Heart on Snow were mixed. Dorian Lynskey in The Guardian describes Heart on Snow as "a labour of love for which it's hard to feel much affection" and as lacking "the sly humour of Soft Cell and his best solo work" yet admires the "boldness and integrity in making an album that only uses Russian musicians". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Marc Almond.

Heart of Snow


Heart on Snow



Half of the Songs Are in Russian Language. Recorded Over a Two Year Period, Taking Russian Standards with Help from the St Petersburg Boys Choir and.
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