Rai play la porta rossa

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La porta rossa

rai play la porta rossa

STEFANO LENTINI - making of LA PORTA ROSSA soundtrack (feat. Gilda Butta)


Italian drama based in the turbulent political landscape of s Italy. At the end of the darkness, there's the light - white-queen-lacus. Sei prime serate, dirette da Carmine Elia ed ambientate a Trieste, compongono la seconda stagione de La Porta Rossa e racconteranno una nuova lunga. Features wireless internet access. Its location is close to the beach, with view of the sea. La Porta Rossa" ti accompagna in vacanza.

Well, it is not a mystery how much I am in love with this amazing series. It ended almost two weeks ago, but the void I feel is… is… indescribable. The other mystery is why I am writing this post in English, when the series is Italian, but since: 1 I am used to write in English here; 2 I wonder if there are also foreign fans… here I am. Cagliostro potrayed by our gorgeous Lino Guanciale was killed in action during a lonely operation during which his target a drug dealer known as The Mexican was killed too. Few moments before passing beyond the red door of the afterlife , Cagliostro has a premonition of his wife about to be killed by an unknown person.

Sign in. Raffaele's death leads Cagliostro to find out who is behind the whole plot. Anna will be found in the middle of it all by sheer chance. Cagliostro is certain that he does not need to be on Earth anymore. Vanessa's mother reveals why she abandoned her when she was little. Vanessa confesses to Raffaelle that she has fallen for Filip.

NATPE: AMC Snaps Up BBC, Rai Dramas for Latin America

In a magical universe, witches, warriors begin fighting in the name of good. At a magic school, five teenage girls are selected to defend the universe with their magic.



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