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Fix Kodi buffering problems! Heres how to modify the Kodi cache

easy advanced settings kodi

EASY ADVANCED SETTINGS KODI 17: Come ottimizzare lo Streaming On Demand

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Having Buffering issues? Users should bear in mind there are a number of issues associated to buffering. It could be your internet speed, accessing Kodi via wifi connection vs Ethernet, the bandwidth of the hosts providing the streams, the number of users currently attempting to access the same data, etc. If buffering is ruining your Kodi experience, try installing the Easy Advanced Settings add-on. With this add-on, users can manually adjust their cache size the temporary data so your Kodi media centre can process the data faster, therefore minimizing some of the buffering issues you may be experiencing. It will not eliminate the issue altogether however, it should serve to improve your Kodi experience. If you have installed the SuperRepo Repository, the add-on is already on your system just waiting for you to install it.

This page describes three advancedsettings. You can use all or just a couple of these settings to see significant improvements in cache performance, should you require it most users will not require these modifications. This can help with intermittent network issues, buffering, reduce how long the network is tied up, and sometimes improve battery life. Note: Even if you change the cache settings in Kodi, that won't change how fast the video file data comes in over the network. For example, it won't make a slow server load the video any faster. If you don't already have an advancedsettings.

Basically, kodi comes with its default settings that provide a limited access. If you want to configure kodi like a pro then you would probably need a special addon. Well, the addon which I am mean here is nothing but the Easy advanced settings kodi addon. This addon will help you to make some awesome changes to your kodi, just like a root android phone does. With this addon, we can do lots of magic on kodi.

Easy advanced settings a ddon for Kodi will help you configure your Kodi and will lead to some of the effective changes to your Kodi, just like a rooted android phone does.
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The lights are down low. So, are we just going to have to live with stuttering videos and annoying Kodi buffering issues? You can always reset Kodi and start from scratch if you like. Cache is any temporary data that is stored on a device so that it can get the data faster than you, the end user, can consume it. Think of it like this.



HOW-TO:Modify the video cache


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