Museo civico di santa caterina treviso

Santa Caterina - Musei Civici di Treviso

museo civico di santa caterina treviso


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Art Museum Museum. To visit Musei Civici di Treviso - Sede di Santa Caterina and get the most from your holiday in Treviso, create itinerary details personal to you using our Treviso road trip planning website. Unable to display map at this time. Please try again later. TripAdvisor Traveler Rating.

I thought this was a really interesting "regional" museum. Holds some excellent pieces of art but Interesting archeology. The pinacoteca has some paintings post- mannerism from century. I visited this terrific Museum recently and love its exhibitions of Impressionists. Possibly they did so because they were able to assemble a limited final number of works to create the exhibition and opted to teach as well as to exhibit. I liked the show a lot, even so the small rooms connected to each other are not the very best space for large scale exhibitions.

I thought this was a really interesting "regional" museum. Holds some excellent pieces of art but
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ArcheoVeneto www. Civic Museum, Archaeological Section - Treviso print close. It houses both the important archaeological findings originally collected by its founder, Luigi Bailo, and specimens discovered during the recent excavations carried out in the city of Treviso. The exhibition stretches over the basement and the ground floor and leads the visitor through a journey from the Palaeolithic period to the Roman Age, following a chronological order and, when possible, a topographic criteria. The museum displays the history of Treviso from its birth to the Roman Age, an innovative element of this new layout which proved to be very efficient from a didactic point of view.

I Musei civici di Treviso , inaugurati nel con il nome di Museo Trivigiano da Luigi Bailo , contano oggi tre sedi dislocate all'interno delle mura cittadine, ospitanti le collezioni permanenti e mostre temporanee. L'edificio era allora al contempo sede del Liceo ginnasio e della Biblioteca [1]. Un'altra sede fu, quindi, dopo la prima guerra mondiale, Palazzo Zuccareda in via Cornarotta. Il nuovo curatore, lo storico dell'arte Luigi Coletti , si fece promotore, a partire dal , di un vasto riordino delle collezioni, allestendo in un percorso organico e unitario nei nuovi spazi nel frattempo liberati dal Liceo. A lui si deve anche, con la consulenza di Luigi Sorelli , l'allestimento del Museo della casa trevigiana a Casa da Noal nel [2].

The construction of the Church, begun when Andrea Cornaro was lower court judge, was completed only at the end of 14th century after many interruptions. The Cappella degli Innocenti so called to remember exactly the Innocents sacrificed by Erode was added to St. Since then its use was changed several times over the history becoming Church of Convento dei Servi di Maria, dedicated to St. Catherine and then seat of other religious orders. Those shapes are taken up again also inside big and single nave, which shows on its walls many beautiful frescoes we may admire also on two ceilings of the cross vaults; these ceilings coincide with two parts in which the Church is divided ideally by a big middle round arch. During the Napoleonic occupation, in the first years of 19th century, the Complex of St.

SANTA CATERINA MUSEUM (The Museum of St. Catherine), Via Santa Caterina - Treviso



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