Sri lanka news sinhala sirasa tv

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Sirasa News 1st Lunch Time Sinhala | 28-08-2019

sri lanka news sinhala sirasa tv

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Aug 28 RN Darsha Udayanga the uni student who stormed Media earlier this month with his tales of graphic sexual torture he endured at the hands of students at Uni of Ruhuna says a group of students is gathering evidence of the ragging. He described the fall out from his expose of the inhuman torture that students have undergone. Darsha who was a victim of ragging practise that has claimed the lives of many uni students more.. The proposal in this regard was presented to the Parliament by Prez Sirisena. Accordingly, the Cabinet has approved the report on the three companies to be tabled in the Parliament and to direct the recommendations of the PCoI, probing the allegations of misappropriations more.. He last played for Sri Lanka back in and since then has been plying his trade in the domestic cricket. Perera said there is a conspiracy from the opposition and some in the UNP to stage a constitutional coup to abolish Executive Presidency without holding a prez election just to avoid UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa from becoming the president of this country.

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A rthur C. Clarke was honoured for his numerous literary and scientific achievements by the University of Illinois with the University Presidential Award and Medallion last Friday by Earl Kellogg, associate provost for International Affairs at the University. The medal which was awarded for the 11th time in the history of the university which spans years was awarded for his contribution to classic science fiction, especially with his " Space Odyssey". Clarke said that he was flattered, honoured and delighted by the gesture of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which is also the birth place of HAL , the onboard computer of the novel and film based on his famous fiction on year S ri Lanka's first pay TV Channel 9 will be starting its telecast shortly bringing to viewers a variety of programmes. The Sunday Times learns the agreement between the local partners and their foreign collaborators is due to be signed soon.

President Maithripala Sirisena has given instructions to the relevant authorities to expedite the investigations regarding the allegations of Central Bank bond scam. Police have recovered three claymore mines and a small pressure bomb at the Paragammana forest reserve in Pannala. He is 34 and had last played for Sri Lanka in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday to suspend Parliament, throwing down the gauntlet to his critics and causing outrage among opposition leaders who will have even less time to thwart a no-deal Brexit. The Chief Justice has appointed three Trial-at-Bar in High Courts for the cases filed regrading the Rathupaswala shooting incident, the abduction of journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda and the Avant-Garde high seas arms trafficking case.


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