Skyrim best mage follower

Better mages than Marcurio?

skyrim best mage follower

r/skyrim: When I start a warrior-Orc playthrough later, I want to have a mage follower so I can So I was just wondering which is the best one, if there is a best ?.

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There are plenty of Skyrim companions to be found, all of whom have their own unique personalities and combat abilities. You can even marry some of these Skyrim followers and they some of the best Skyrim wife or husband options. These are the best Skyrim followers you can encounter on your quest to become the Dragonborn of legend. Cicero is one of the best companions you can get in Skyrim for a plethora of reasons. To get Cicero, you need to finish the Dark Brotherhood questline and spare him at the Dawnstar Sanctuary. I killed him in mine - even with stats like those, I found it difficult to reconcile my disdain for his actions with a need for a companion.

Various NPCs and creatures can follow you while you're playing the game and be your ally. These followers can fight by your side; some can also carry your equipment and perform other tasks. Followers can be divided into those who follow you indefinitely until they die or are dismissed , and those who follow you temporarily for example, during a quest. Permanent followers usually become available after you complete a quest of some kind. You can also find mercenaries for hire in the cities and recruit certain creatures in the game. You can have at most one permanent NPC follower and one creature follower at any time.

I have invested a lot in marcurio Serana - chain lightning as well, much nicer on the eyes than Marcurio, has good skill in light armor, has necromancy, handy with a sword too. She can sneak and she is unkillable. J'zargo - cosmic khajit pimp lord with suckkier magic but double the HP, slick skills in heavy armor and swords, in many skills. Give him some daedric plate and he'll swag the game. Eola - can cast expert destruction, although only rarely, using both incinerate and thunderbolt.


If you're wondering which are the best Skyrim followers, read on as we take a look J'Zargo is a Khajiit mage in the College of Winterhold. Bizarrely, J'Zargo has the highest HP stat of any companion, which is a bit strange.
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  1. Forum > Skyrim board > Better mages than Marcurio? Marcurio is better if you want a follower that can do massive damage from behind when you take them.

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