History channel mermaid documentary

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‘Mermaids: The Body Found,’ on Animal Planet

history channel mermaid documentary

Animal Planet scores ratings gold with fake documentary

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All over basic cable, people are searching for Bigfoot, hunting down ghosts, looking for extraterrestrials. Now, it turns out, we need to add mermaids to the list. The film , Sunday night on Animal Planet and part of its Monster Week, is a fictional account built on a few strands of fact and made to look like an actual documentary. And it takes note of an odd underwater sound known as the Bloop that was recorded in the Pacific Ocean in Also, remains found inside a shark in South Africa were decidedly mermaidlike. But the public never got to meet this model mermaid because the whole project was black-opped. They were rewriting history.

The two-hour documentary-style program — described by the network as "science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory " — was so convincing that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was initially overwhelmed by callers demanding to know the truth about the existence of the legendary sea creatures. There is no scientific evidence that mermaids exist, but the way the story is told, it is often difficult to separate fact from fiction. There's been some uproar about it airing on "Animal Planet ," a channel that traditionally focuses on nature and science, rather than myth and fantasy. Charlie Foley, the show's executive producer, creator, and writer, encourages viewers to approach the show with a sense of possibility, with the understanding that the storyline is meant to be entertaining too. The mockumentary uses evolution-based theories and several real examples from nature as a springboard to weave an imaginary story about a contemporary myth, Foley said.

As the network attempts to regain its dignity , this seemed an opportune moment to review how they put themselves in this compromised position. Junior Skeptic is written for older children and does not include endnotes, though I often call out important sources in sidebars or the text of the story itself. Junior Skeptic 48 cover.
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These are external links and will open in a new window. There is no evidence that mermaids exist, a US government scientific agency has said. The National Ocean Service made the unusual declaration in response to public inquiries following a TV show on the mythical creatures. Images and tales of mermaids - half-human, half-fish - appear in mythology and art from across the world and through history, from Homer's Odyssey to the oral lore of the Australian aboriginals, the service wrote. The article was written from publicly available sources because "we don't have a mermaid science programme", National Ocean Service spokeswoman Carol Kavanagh told the BBC. The programme was a work of fiction but its wink-and-nod format apparently led some viewers to believe it was a science education show, the Discovery Channel has acknowledged.

If you were unnerved over the holiday weekend by Animal Planet's special "Mermaids: The Body Found," take a deep breath. The two-hour program is fiction, but it's presented in documentary style, with actors playing scientists who claim to have found the body of a mermaid on a Washington state beach. Urban legends site Snopes. Now my father and I would like to know if this video is real. I don't like to say that we are suckers to everything we hear, but I am open to new ideas.

No evidence of mermaids, says US government

Mermaid Sightings Throughout History - Mermaids

Mermaid hoax drowns Animal Planet's ratings record

Skip to this video now. Play Video. Cameron Mathison tours the latest attractions at a favorite amusement park. New theme park allows visitors to visit scenes from "Beauty and the Beast," "Dumbo. All rights reserved. Mermaids Caught on Camera? A mockumentary that aired on the cable channel has a brief disclaimer in the end credits.

All rights reserved. Mermaids are not real. If you want the backstory, read my equally-ornery commentary from last year. That makes the show the most-watched bit of flotsam that Animal Planet has ever aired. Granted, the fact that the mermaid shows are fiction was easy enough to miss. Duh, I know, but given how many people believe in mermaids because they saw some bad CGI critters on television, this needed to be spelled out in big flashing red letters. Who knows how many people are now going to be confusing mermaids with loose seals?

It tells a story of a scientific team's investigative efforts to uncover the source behind mysterious underwater recordings of an unidentified marine body. The show presents the controversial aquatic ape hypothesis as evidence that mermaids exist, along with a digitally manufactured video. Mermaids: The Body Found and its sequel Mermaids: The New Evidence is an example of what is known as docufiction , in which documentary style and programming elements are combined with fictional - or sometimes less egregiously speculative - science and fiction. On the contrary, the serious tone of the majority of the presentation implied that it was a factual documentary. Mermaids: The Body Found received 1.




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