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youtube 4k music videos

Ultra high definition 4k music video collection from VEVO and other sources.


While YouTube is starting the rollout of its new HD music videos with of them, the website also announced that up to 1, music videos will be released in the HD format by the end of The new HD versions of these music videos are intended to be a replacement for the original SD standard definition videos. Users will be able to tell if a music video has been remastered by at least one of two ways: First, remastered music videos should have a Remastered hashtag just above the video title. As many of the currently remastered videos are for songs that were released decades ago, older users can particularly appreciate the chance to relive and rediscover beloved songs from their youth. Nostalgia is not just fodder for movie and television reboots.

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YouTube and Universal Music Group are remastering old music videos

4K Player for YouTube HD: YouTube Video, Music, TV & Clips

YouTube is perhaps the single biggest public repository of music videos, but many are bit outdated, with visuals and audio designed for old TVs with single speakers, and others that could use a bit of an upgrade too. Many videos from major artists will soon look and sound much better though, as YouTube and Universal Music Group are remastering almost 1, of them "to the highest possible standards. If you already have videos from them saved on YouTube or YouTube Music playlists, you won't have to worry about finding new links. The remastered videos are replacing the previous versions, maintaining the same URLs, view counts and like numbers. You'll notice when videos have had an HD upgrade when you see a "Remastered" label in their descriptions. More videos will be upgraded each week, and YouTube and UMG plan to remaster all the 1, or so titles by the end of next year. Working with UMG means that YouTube should have access to high-quality recordings, and upgrades to the audio acuity should come as particularly welcome news for YouTube Music subscribers.

This can make finding HDR-quality content difficult, especially free videos, which is where YouTube comes in. Perhaps the best source for exquisite nature shots on Youtube are travel documentarians Jacob and Katie Schwarz. Transient, Dustin Farrell. A spectacular lightning storm is on display in this quick video from Dustin Farrell. The Redwoods, by Abandon Visuals.






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