Se tu mi dassi

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se tu mi dassi

Pecchi mi dassi

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Ethnologue see below for more detail describes Sicilian as being "distinct enough from Standard Italian to be considered a separate language" [4] and is recognized as a minority language by UNESCO. Sicilian is currently spoken by the majority of the inhabitants of Sicily and by emigrant populations around the world. In the past four or five decades, large numbers of Sicilians were also attracted to the industrial zones of northern Italy and areas of the European Union , especially Germany. It is not used as an official language anywhere, not even within Sicily, where currently the government does not regulate the language in any way. However, in recent years the non-profit organisation Cademia Siciliana has created an orthographic proposal to help normalise the written form of the language.

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Sinfonia ORFEO: Scorto da te mio nume Speranza unico bene de gli afflitti mortali, omai son giunto a questi regni tenebrosi e mesti ove raggio di sol giamai non giunse. Oltra quel nero stagno, oltra quel fiume, in quei campi di pianto e di dolore. Destin crudele ogni tuo ben t'asconde. Or d'uopo e d'un gran core e d'un bel canto. Legge scritta col ferro in duro sasso de l'ima reggia in su l'orribil soglia, che in queste note il fiero senso esprime.


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