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KEF nuova Serie R 2018 Diffusori HiEnd

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This is a major upgrade to the Momentum Preamplifier. The upgrades to HD includes advancements in the power supply, audio circuitry, and control sections. Firstly, power. Furthermore, the unique winding technology, first employed in the Momentum M Amplifier, delivers greater power output from the same footprint. Additionally, there is an entirely new discrete differential FET input stage.

Some of these changes build on improvements first employed in the Momentum M Amplifier. The new HD status represents the high dynamic and high definition improvements that have been achieved in this substantial upgrade. The new Momentum HD Preamplifier incorporates advancements in the power supply, audio circuitry, and control sections. A unique winding technology, first employed in the Momentum M amplifier, delivers greater power output from the same footprint. Internal circuitry filters RF noise from the AC powerline, and compensates for asymmetric power waveforms and DC on the mains.

Krell is one of the most respected and lofty brands in high end audio history. This summer - much like many specialty AV companies who are looking to be able to produce, design and license the latest and greatest new technologies in AV - Krell looked to new investors by the name of KP Partners. The D'agostino family wouldn't be the first and certainly not the last who needed short term funds, more high-level management and other external help in order to grow; yet something went very wrong with the relationship very quickly. Dan's oldest son, Bret D'agostino, up until the sweeping changes, was one of Krell's technical gurus. But only months after bringing in new partners and right about the time of the CEDIA tradeshow in early September - the entire D'agostino family was out at Krell. Literally, clean out your desks and goodbye. What exactly happened that turned the deal so acrimonious so quickly is unclear.

Eye-wateringly expensive and larger than you might think at So if you have any distortion developing from the outside world on one half of the signal, it will also appear on the other half. The idea is that they cancel each other out, lowering noise and improving overall sound quality. Your record collection has never sounded this good…. These all pull in the same direction, reducing veiling noise. It measures more than eight inches in diameter.

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Dan D'Agostino's new power amp: Relentless by both name and nature

First shown a year and a half after the split, the Momentum has created something of a sensation in the audio world, due in equal parts to D'Agostino's long history of innovation in the design of high-performance audio circuitry and the amplifier's stunning looks. Visually, the Momentum is a complete break with D'Agostino's previous efforts. Does anything out there right now compete with its gleaming, jewel-like elegance? It manages a high bling factor without ostentation, and while the look has broad aesthetic appeal, enthusiasts of mechanical watches in particular must have been wiping away the drool at first glance. I drooled, and I couldn't care less about watches. Compact yet powerful Unlike the often large, boxy Krells of yore, the 5"-high, lb Momentum is remarkably compact for an amplifier rated at , , or watts into, respectively, 8, 4, or 2 ohms. While the central power meter dominates the faceplate, the thick copper side panels draw equal attention.

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The pinnacle of ultra-high-end audio, it's a fully balanced mono amplifier. The first w is Class A.




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