White snow with red hair

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Snow White With The Red Hair

white snow with red hair

Snow White with the Red Hair is a Japanese shojo manga written by Sorata Akizuki [ja] It was serialized in Hakusensha's bi-monthly shojo manga magazine, .

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She is in a romantic relationship with Zen. Shirayuki's rare apple-red hair color attracts a lot of unwanted attention. Shirayuki is of average height at 5' 3" cm. She has clear green eyes which serve to compliment the natural beauty of her hair color. Since she is not of royal blood, and was a former civilian, she had to gain access to the castle from her employment and now has an identification tag which she wears on a necklace. On becoming an official court pharmacist Shirayuki is given a uniform by the Chief Pharmacist Garak, which she wears while on duty.

An anime adaptation produced by Warner Bros. Shirayuki is a normal herbalist in the kingdom of Tanbarun with one unique feature: her beautiful red hair. Due to her unusual hair color, Shirayuki was raised to always be careful of showing her hair in new surroundings and grew to be an independent young woman. However, her hair gets her noticed by Prince Raj, who orders her to become his concubine. Refusing his orders, she cuts her hair and leaves it behind as part of what he wanted and escapes to the neighboring kingdom of Clarines. On her way there, she meets and befriends Prince Zen and his two aides Mitsuhide and Kiki. When Zen is poisoned by an apple meant for Shirayuki gifted by Raj, Shirayuki successfully obtains the antidote and decides to accompany the trio to Clarines.

Sign in. While at work in the castle, Shirayuki makes friends with a girl named Kiharu and her bird Popo. Can Shirayuki help save Popo's family? After Zen and Shirayuki's encounter at the watchtower, Shirayuki discovers feelings that she didn't know she had. Prince Raj wants to make Shirayuki his concubine because of her red hair, so she leaves her home in Tanbarun and ends up with a fateful encounter. See the list.

Snow White with the Red Hair

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 1 Episode 5 English Dubbed


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