Do i need data roaming on abroad

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Data roaming: don't let your smartphone run off with your wallet

do i need data roaming on abroad


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Heading overseas, but not entirely sure about the ins and outs of roaming? So what exactly is the difference between using your regular data and data roaming? Data is used for everything that requires internet access, from Facebook and Snapchat to Google Maps. When you sign up for a mobile contract, or buy a Pay As You Go bundle, you'll receive a set amount of GB to use within your network's coverage area. Roaming , in general, includes calls and texts too. Once you go outside of this coverage area for example, when you leave the UK , data roaming will be enforced.

I f you're lost in a foreign city, a smartphone can be a lifesaver. Flick open the map icon, tap in the address and the internet sends you on your way. On a week-long trip to Istanbul in early May, Alexandra Xanthaki used her iPhone all the time to navigate the notoriously congested, confusing streets looking for restaurants. I did get a message when I arrived in Istanbul that there would be charges, but in the past I've always had to send a message asking T-Mobile to activate such charges. Apparently, while I was in Turkey, they started automatically as soon as I pressed on an icon. Back in London she laughed at what she thought was a simple error: "I just thought they had mistakenly added an additional zero. So I rang them, but the guy said, 'I can understand you are upset, but you did activate roaming', even though he acknowledged I hadn't even sent any messages on my phone.

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Data roaming is using the internet on your phone when you're abroad, whether it's browsing the web or sending an email. Smartphones are permanently connected to the internet so you could use data without realising it. If your plan includes Go Roam and you run out of your data allowance, you'll enjoy special lower roaming rates. Find out more about Go Roam and using your phone abroad at no extra cost. You can change your roaming settings on your phone either before you leave or once you're abroad. If you switch data roaming off you won't need to worry about any applications running in the background that could be using data without you knowing.

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  1. Going on holiday can be expensive enough, but if you use your mobile phone abroad - particularly to use mobile internet - the cost can become astronomical.

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