How long to beat final fantasy iv

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Why every Final Fantasy game is the best AND worst in the series

how long to beat final fantasy iv

PC Longplay [545] Final Fantasy IV (part 2 of 4)


SNES or Genesis? Batman or Superman? Mike or Joel? In the face of such irrefutable evidence, all arguments are certain to cease now and forevermore… right? Final Fantasy I is a classic that hews closer to the classic pen-and-paper RPGs that inspired the genre than any game to follow.

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There are some good times to be had with JRPGs, but most of them are so freaking long. I'm OK with it when it comes to the Persona series, since you have your daily routines and events to go through, but most JRPGs that go longer than 40 hours have a tough time keeping my attention. Also Devil survivor was just slightly too long, but close to ideal. What else is out there? Valkyrie Profile 2 says And I liked Chrono Cross even more than Trigger, which can be finished at around 35 unless you try to unlock everything. Didn't think that would be under

The best JRPGs under 40 hours?

An obscure, elaborate glitch, discovered nearly six years ago, allows players of the Super Nintendo game to skip nearly half of the story by manipulating the counter that keeps track of what floor their character is on. With precision and a little bit of luck, an experienced speedrunner can use this glitch to beat Final Fantasy IV in under two hours.



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