Twin peaks 3x13 recensione

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Twin Peaks

twin peaks 3x13 recensione

Twin Peaks 2017 Recensione 3x13 3x14

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Sign in. Dougie's loved ones care for him in the hospital, and Cooper's doppelganger heads towards the coordinates. Meanwhile, Diane makes a confession to the FBI. Gordon remembers an important moment from his past. Andy, Bobby, Hawk and Truman go to the forest.

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Everyone is split. In terms of driving the plot forward, most of the important business gets dispatched early. But what happens with the two Coopers subtly affects the meaning of the shorter, more scattered scenes in northern Washington. C shows up at the headquarters of a local criminal consortium in search of Ray, the man who tried to assassinate him. C waltzing into their facility. Renzo challenges the interloper to an arm-wrestling match to determine whether he gets to take Ray and take control of the gang or if he dies on the spot.

Twin Peaks review – David Lynch reboot will baffle and irk even hardcore fans

This year Twin Peaks returns to television after 25 years. If you have not seen the show, but are intrigued by the new season, I think a binge-watch is in order. I would not recommend tuning into season three without doing so.

"The Return, Part 13"

For this viewer, the moments of joy or curiosity or intrigue came close to being drowned out by long stretches of boredom. That the show eventually collapsed under the weight of trying to balance its vision with market pressures says as much about its time as premium-cable executives, anxious to build buzz, throwing at least a moderate pile of money at Lynch and refusing to interfere says about ours. The new season of Peaks had flash. It had a profile as big among TV obsessives as Blade Runner set to be revived on the big screen later this year has had among film buffs, an astounding visual ambition and an inability to be anything but weird. It could only be said to be rebelling against TV norms if one believes Lynch has watched much of contemporary prestige TV. But while individual sequences rose to the high emotional resonance of the original series — the Log Lady played by the late Catherine E. I was not particularly fond of the eventually gratuitously violent Tim Roth-Jennifer Jason Leigh sequences.

With Dougie reaping the rewards of his encounter with Bradley and Rodney Mitchum John Belushi and Robert Knepper it seems he brings luck to all of those around him. With the Doppelganger finding out a few surprising things about his escape from prison, he manages to catch the attention of a watching Richard Horne Eamon Farren. It may be funny to watch the Dougie scenes, but this week it is the other side of Cooper that gets the best scenes. The arm wrestling that he takes part in with Ranzo Derek Mears is a sign of just how much power he has. It is also interesting that somebody wants to get him or at least Bob back where they belong. It is interesting that the name Phillip Jeffries is mentioned again, but this time working against him, is Coop running out of allies?

From the beginning, “Twin Peaks” has embedded a clue to unlocking the show in its title. David Lynch and Mark Frost are captivated by.
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Slowly but surely, Twin Peaks is taking itself, and us, back to starting positions. Some of those starting positions are more than two decades old. Norma does have a type. Bobby Briggs is hanging around the diner, hoping to run into Shelly. And Dale Cooper is having his first taste in 26 years of the pie-and-coffee that was once his signature, served up by a chipper waitress in an old-fashioned uniform. When the man everyone knows as Dougie takes that first sip of coffee from a heavy stoneware cup—from the kind of cup an FBI agent might drink from in thousands of diners coast to coast—his face lights up. And not just with the beaming surprise this addled, stunted form of Dale Cooper has shown over every taste of coffee since his return.


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