Oliver and company rita

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How To Draw Rita From Oliver and Company

oliver and company rita

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She was voiced by Sheryl Lee Ralph. Ruth Pointer provided her singing voice during the song, " Streets of Gold. Rita is a slender tan Saluki with both brown hair and ears, black nose, and blue eyelids. She is the only member of Fagin's dog gang who is a female. Of all the dogs in the gang, she appears to be the only one convinced that Oliver is happy in his new home after being adopted by a wealthy little girl named Jenny Foxworth. It is also revealed that she has a crush on Dodger when she calls him "Dodgie baby" while asking him how he got the sausages for their dinner, compliments him when he is wearing his sunglasses as he watches a Baseball game on T. However, sometimes, she can show a minor sign of jealousy especially when it comes to Dodger and other female dogs as shown when she pulls him away from some female dogs he and Tito were checking out during the reprise of "Why Should I Worry.

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The 27th Disney animated feature film , the film is based on the classic Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist , which has been adapted many other times for the screen. In the film, Oliver is a homeless kitten who joins a gang of dogs to survive in the streets. Among other changes, the setting of the film was relocated from 19th century London to modern-day New York City , Fagin's gang is made up of dogs one of which is Dodger , and Sykes is a loan shark. Following the release of The Black Cauldron , Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg held a pitch meeting with the animation staff, in which story artist Pete Young pitched the idea to adapt Oliver Twist with dogs. The pitch was quickly approved, and the film quickly went into production under the working title Oliver and the Dodger. It was then released on home video later that same year, and again in and on DVD. The film was released on Blu-ray Disc in , commemorating its 25th Anniversary.

Rita is the only female dog in Dodger's group. She is the first to really warm up to Oliver after she figures out that Dodger brought the cat to their home. She also has a huge partake in saving Jenny. To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies. By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used.

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Written by Jackson Adler. In his day-to-day-survival, Oliver in confronted with issues of class, race, and gender. The fact that Dodger is voiced by Billy Joel, a musician capitalizing on a working class background and appropriation of the musical styles and culture of People of Color, is not coincidental. Rita and Dodger are good friends and possible love interests, and while they both show sexual interest in other dogs, Rita and Dodger are close and flirtatious with one another. Nancy goes against the wishes of her abusive boyfriend, Bill Sikes, to return Oliver to his grandfather and a wealthy lifestyle. Fagin manipulates Bill into murdering Nancy for this attempted act, since he fears it could compromise his safety and his pickpocketing business, but it is the murder of Nancy that brings down not only Bill, but also Fagin and his entire enterprise. Without the threat of these men, Oliver is able to live in safety and comfort with his wealthy grandfather.

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw the coolest female dog you'd ever meet Rita from the Oliver and Company! She's my favourite character along with Dodger. I'm sorry for the drawing being a little crappy but I was tired when I made this Start with a simple sketch. Make a circle for the head, and add guidance lines to show where the eyes and mouth goes.

Rita is a proud Saluki and the only female member of Dodger's dog-gang. She is kind, funny, tough, proud, beautiful, compassionate, and protective.

Rita (Oliver and Company)




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  1. Oliver & Company. Rita is first seen napping on Fagin's house boat. After Tito is insulted by Francis and starts scolding him, Rita wakes up and tells them to "cut it .

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