Emma ei moda arrivera

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emma ei moda arrivera

Emma e Moda - Wind Music Awards 2011 - Arrivera

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Arrivera is a song by pop-rock group Moda featuring Italian singer, Emma Marrone. The song "Sono molto felice di duettare con i Moda ed Emma: sono artisti che stimo e la canzone mi e piaciuta subito al primo ascolto. Spero di essere un.
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After working with several bands, she won the Italian talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi in March , and signed a contract with record label Universal Music. She has recorded one EP, four albums and 15 singles, and has received two Multiplatinum , 14 Platinum discs and two Gold discs. Since , she has publicly performed on the guitar. In and , Marrone was selected as the artistic director of one of the teams in Amici di Maria De Filippi. Born in Florence, she spent her early childhood in Sesto Fiorentino. At the age of four, she moved with her family to Aradeo in the province of Lecce , from where her parents originally came.

Soon, Paolo Bovi, an old acquaintance of Silvestre's, came in on keyboard, and the group began playing around Milan, the city from which they all hailed. Lead guitarist Diego Arrigoni, bassist Stefano Forcella, and drummer Manuel Signoretto joined, and before long, thanks to their determination to play as many shows as they could, the band had established a local following. They accepted, and soon after the performance, their first single, "Ti Amo Veramente," came out, followed by their full-length debut of the same name. Still, the quintet pushed ahead and released its sophomore album, Quello Che Non Ti Ho Detto, in , with Palmosi taking over the keyboard duties in the studio. Two years later, the band returned with its third album, Sala D'Attesa, featuring drummer Claudio Dirani and guitarist Enrico Zapparoli in place of founding members Signoretto and Alberti. The compilation album Le Origini appeared in The band's album Viva i Romantici became a massive hit upon release in early , reigning at number one on the Italian chart for five weeks and selling nearly half-a-million copies.

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Arrivera (English translation)

The song was composed by the band frontman and lead singer Kekko Silvestre with the guitarist, Enrico Zapparoli. The song was performed on February 15, during the first evening of the Sanremo Festival and made available to download the following day. -


Emmanuela "Emma" Marrone sometimes known as simply Emma, is an Italian pop singer. . The track "Arrivera" debuted, reaching the top position in the Italian Top cosi and sales of the digital single in collaboration with Moda, "Arrivera". .. (text and music: Emma Marrone, Paolo Barillari, Emma Rohan, Jez Ashurst e .
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