What about love what about today

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Pink's powerful 'What About Us' video tells the story of a wounded America

what about love what about today

Shadows fill an empty heart. As love is fading, From all the things that we are. But are not saying. Can we see beyond the scars. And make it to the dawn?.

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Moderator Overview Albums 25 Lyrics Home Westlife Lyrics Albums 25 Lyrics Playlist 5. Shadows fill an empty heart As love is fading, From all the things that we are But are not saying Can we see beyond the stars. And make it to the dawn? Change the colors of the sky And open up to The ways you made me feel alive, The ways I loved you For all the things that never died,.

Friday 12th February Every couple has their song, the one that makes them soften, catch each other's gaze and smile, remembering how they got together, the things they've been through and exactly what strange magnetism keeps them together. But not all songs are appropriate to the task, and quite a few songs that appear to be about love were originally written about something else entirely. This can be part of the fun, and no one wants their special gooey moment ruined by a pedant who can't let things lie. So, for this year's Valentine's Day, let's just be aware of the potential pitfalls, double-check all songs for hidden meanings starting with the selection below , but also learn to celebrate true romance wherever and however it rears its delightful head. The Weeknd.

A good music video can completely transform its subject matter, creating a new context that completely changes how listeners hear the song. Pink's What About Us music video is one such achievement, recasting her new single as a politically-inspired anthem for a wounded America. The video tells the story of a lost generation, its themes mirroring the pain of the many Americans who feel abandoned and unheard in today's society. In the context of the video, Pink's lyrics take on a different meaning, reading as a message to those in power from the people they left behind. We are searchlights, we can see in the dark We are rockets, pointed up at the stars We are billions of beautiful hearts And you sold us down the river too far What about us? What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about us?

"What About Now" Lyrics

Westlife- What About Now Lyrics

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It is one of only two songs on the album not at least co-written by Chris Daughtry. The song was announced as the band's next single on their website. A year later, pop group Westlife released a version of the song which reached No. The video is a social commentary, depicting several people and places affected by poverty, natural disasters, and war, as well as other world issues. Several comments are made about these issues, and the video also asks introspective questions to the viewer.

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