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peter gabriel hit songs

In honor of his birthday, here are the Top 10 Peter Gabriel Songs. A Top 40 Billboard hit on both the pop and dance charts, "Shock the Monkey" (and video ) success of "Sledgehammer" elevated Gabriel's reputation in the.


Peter Gabriel 's work doesn't lend itself easily to compilations -- not because he didn't cut singles, since he made many terrific stand-alone singles, but because his body of work is so idiosyncratic, even contradictory, that it's possible to have perfectly valid differing perspectives on his catalog. This results in differing opinions among fans, so it's perfectly logical that Gabriel and his associates would have a unique view of his own work, as captured on Hit. That's a grand total of 16 tracks dating after the career high watermark of So -- 16 tracks covering two full albums, plus a lot of odds and ends. There's unquestionably good material here -- not just the Us singles, but much of Up was quite excellent, even if it requires several listens to appreciate -- but the heavy emphasis on this post- So work skews too much to the new nine of the 14 tracks on disc two are of relatively recent vintage , at least if the yardstick is either an evenhanded appreciation of Gabriel 's entire solo work or a portrait of his best-known, best-loved work. After all, there are many singles missing -- "I Have the Touch," "I Go Swimming," "Come Talk to Me," "Kiss That Frog," and "Secret World" among them -- plus other worthy uncollected rarities his deliriously paranoid "Out Out" from the Gremlins soundtrack needs to finally get a CD issue and many, many terrific album tracks that would have had given this compilation greater breadth and depth, including "Moribund the Burgermeister," "Mercy Street," "Intruder," "Family Snapshot," and the tremendous pair of "On the Air" and "D. If some of these 12 songs had managed to get on Hit , it truly would have been definitive, capturing the entire scope of his solo career.

Given the financial hole he was in, and the success of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, was an odd year for Peter Gabriel to hand in his notice as frontman of Genesis. One of the reasons he gave for quitting was odd as well — he claimed he wanted to spend more time in his vegetable patch. While he really had been spending a lot of time tending to cabbages in the garden of his Cotswolds cottage, his daughter Anna-Marie had just been born breech and developed a serious infection. This meant that Gabriel had actually quit to spend more time with his family — but with none of the usual euphemistic implication that this phrase often carries when applied to public figures. During his sabbatical from recording music, he combined caring for a child and tending to his legumes with immersing himself in the study of world religion, art and philosophy, not to mention African, Asian and South American music, as well as becoming an early devotee of punk and post-punk. Like a distance-learning degree in esoteric, international and underground culture both modern and ancient, this would all, sooner or later, influence the second stage of his musical career. But not initially.

Peter Gabriel is known for being one of the most forward-thinking, imaginative musicians of our time. Both the albums he made with Genesis and as a solo artist reflect a commitment to spiritual lyrics and genre-blending sounds steeped in world music, prog, funk, folk, ambient and electronica -- and that's just scratching the surface. In honor of his birthday, here are the Top 10 Peter Gabriel Songs. However, certain individual songs -- such as "No Way Out" -- resonate heavily on their own. Emotional turbulence has seldom sounded so graceful, which qualifies the track as one of our Top 10 Peter Gabriel Songs.

It had a well-chosen selection of tracks, there was nothing to complain about it and a new album was about to be released, too. The situation is similar in Eighteen months ago Peter promised that a new album would be released. It was to be called IO and was allegedly almost completed. Now there is HIT.

It reached No. Disc one is labelled Hit and disc two Miss , reflecting the first disc which comprises Gabriel's best known chart singles and the second featuring his more obscure material. The two-disc set is different in the UK and U. The second disc in the U. Only some of these appeared on the U. The UK version collects at least one track from every studio album by Gabriel, including soundtracks, except for Birdy , which is the only album not represented by a track. The album is Gabriel's first compilation album since 's Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats and is so far the most recent that was released.


The top 10 best Peter Gabriel songs


"Sledgehammer" was so different than any song Peter Gabriel had released up until "In Your Eyes" was a pretty big hit when it came out as a single in Peter Gabriel wrote "Solsbury Hill" shortly after leaving Genesis, and.
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