Blender hard surface sculpting

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Blender Hard Surface Modeling

blender hard surface sculpting

Sculpting is fantastic for creating organic shapes, but it can also be used to create interestingly Blender Courses; Hard Surface Sculpting and Retopology.

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In order for sculpting to give accurate and predictable results, Blender needs geometry to work with. One way to accomplish this is starting off with a highly subdivided mesh. The other way involves using either of two adaptive sculpting methods to add geometry dynamically. Dynamic topology aka dyntopo is a dynamic tessellation sculpting method that adds and removes details under the brush. This works by first tessellating the mesh then applying the sculpting stroke on top of the tessellated mesh.

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These brushes are great for sculpting both hard and soft surfaces, for quickly refining sharp edges and blending planes together depending on the pressure you use. The brushes are called Trim Scrape and Trim Fill. Blue Peter. Used to love that as a kid, in the days of Roland Rat, etc. I do a lot of hard sculpting and robot stuff so this looks like it will be very helpful when I want to go into sculpting mode but keep the harder edges. Thank you for making this.

Hard Surface Sculpting and Retopology

Intro to Hard Surface Vehicle Modeling - BC3-1806 - Week 1

3D sculpting tips: mastering hard surfaces

Sculpting hard surfaces is not only much faster than modelling polygon by polygon, but it also saves an incredible amount of time when you're asked by a client or by your boss to create several quick 3D concepts for robotic characters or mechanical elements. It was almost impossible to do that before in 3D using the old box or edge modelling method because it took much too long, as well as being really unproductive. However, since the introduction of new features to ZBrush exclusively dedicated to the task of hard surface modelling, the tool has become revolutionary. The goal in this training is to sculpt a pair of headphones — which is a great subject for hard surface modelling. This object will be the main element of a still life scene so, with that in mind, we have to create a very detailed and accurate model since it will be featured up close. We'll start from scratch to build the headphones blocking out the main shapes.




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