Mount etna eruption 2017

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Europe's Largest Active Volcano Mount Etna Erupts - Nearly Kills BBC Crew

mount etna eruption 2017

Mar 1, After one of the most quiet years in decades, Etna has decided to make a little more exciting. Early this week, the volcano had a moderate.

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The lava flows began at around 7pm on Monday at Europe's highest and most active volcano, and were continuing on Tuesday morning. The eruption, taking place at the south-east crater, is visible from the cities of Catania and Taormina. Etna's Southeast Crater erupting late on the evening of 27 February pic. Footage below shows the volcano sending out vertical streams of bright red lava on Monday night. A live stream of the continued eruptions can be viewed here.

Mar 16, Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, spewed lava during an eruption early Thursday Rebecca Morelle (@BBCMorelle) March 16,
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Updated March 17, A BBC television crew has narrowly escaped serious injury, capturing dramatic video of an eruption on Italy's Mount Etna volcano. The crew, along with a number of tourists, were drawn to Etna in Sicily to observe the spectacle of the active volcano erupting but were caught by surprise when flowing magma hit thick snow, causing an explosion that caused rock and other material to rain down upon them. Volcanic rocks and steam from the eruption injured at least 10 people, witnesses and media reported, and the network's science reporter who was on assignment on Etna, Rebecca Morelle, described the experience in a series of tweets. The BBC crew was shaken but mostly unharmed, having suffered minor cuts, bruises and burns, she wrote. Morelle said the explosion was "a reminder of how dangerous [and] unpredictable volcanoes can be". Authorities said about 35 tourists were in an area they had permission to enter on the volcano, when the explosion occurred about midday on Thursday local time.

All rights reserved. As Mount Etna, Europe's largest active volcano, began erupting on February 27, it became a reminder of just that. Footage captured by photographer Guiseppe Distefano shows the highly active volcano as lava flows and ash spews over Mount Etna's snowy edges. Located on the Italian island of Sicily, the volcanic eruptions are at a safe distance from the nearby town Catania. No damage to property or injuries have been reported. Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

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Ten injured in lava explosion on Mount Etna? – video?

Live VOLCANO Eruption Mount Etna

Mt Etna erupts: TV crew, tourists, scientist injured in surprise explosion on Sicilian volcano

Back at hotel now after Etna explosion. Here's NewsCamerawoman with the massive hole a lump of rock burnt through her coat. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Dramatic escape as volcano erupts Story highlights BBC film crew and group of tourists narrowly escape violent explosion on Etna Europe's most active volcano has been particularly unsettled in recent weeks.

Stunning drone video shows Mount Etna erupting

Sicily's Mount Etna volcano unleashed an explosion Thursday, hurling molten rocks and steam that rained down on tourists, journalists and a scientist who scrambled to escape the barrage. Ten people were reported injured. The tourists, who were drawn to Etna to observe the spectacle of the active volcano erupting, were caught by surprise when its flowing magma hit thick snow, causing a phreatic explosion that rained rock and other material down upon them. A BBC journalist and camerawoman on assignment at the volcano were among the injured. Their film shows an explosion of steam followed by a second explosion of boiling rocks and people running away from the explosion.

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  1. Mar 20, Mount Etna is Europe's largest active volcano located in Sicily in southern Italy. Rebecca Morelle (@BBCMorelle) March 16,

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