Is ray charles still alive

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How Did Singer-Musician Ray Charles Become Blind?

is ray charles still alive

Update on Ray Charles' funeral

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The African American musician Ray Charles was widely admired as a singer, pianist, and composer writer of music. He combined elements of jazz, gospel, and rhythm-and-blues to create a new kind of African American music known as soul. His father, Bailey Robinson, worked as a railroad mechanic and handyman; his mother, Aretha Robinson, worked in a sawmill and sometimes washed other people's clothes to make extra money. In his autobiography the story of his own life Brother Ray, Charles remembered that "The old man Ö was hardly ever around. At the age of five Charles watched his four-year-old brother drown in a laundry tub despite his efforts to save the boy.

Ray Charles was a poor, blind, newly orphaned teenager living in Tampa, Florida, in when he decided to move to Seattle, picking the city because it was as far away as he could get from where he was. He stayed only two years, but during that time he cut his first record and began to develop the genre-bending musical style that would make him an international star. The people were friendly, the people took to me right away. Seattle is the town where I made my first record. And if you ever want to say where I got my start, you have to say that" MacDonald. His father worked off and on for the railroads; his mother took in laundry.

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He achieved all of this while blind. Although the young Ray Charlesóborn Ray Charles Robinsonóbegan to lose his sight at the age of 5, not long after witnessing his brother's drowning, his eventual blindness was medical, not traumatic. At the age of 7, he became completely blind when his right eye was removed due to intense pain.
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