Shadow ban pokemon go

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Shadow ban just before Mewtwo

shadow ban pokemon go

Pokemon Go Shadow Ban & The Red Scare (2018)

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I was shadow banned just after receiving my EX pass for Mewtwo, whic it will be in two days. Does anybody know if the shadow ban affect it? How long is the shadow ban? Im sick and not always can play in the street. Can I use fake gps anymore after unbanned? I think it was because I used fake gps to fly within letting pass a pair of hours.

I'm just back from a "shadow-ban"! Just a heads-up: For those whose accounts have been "shadow-banned" coz of using 3rd party IV checker s , don't give up! Your account will eventually be un-banned by Niantic. Just sharing my personal experience: My shadow-ban just lifted yesterday afternoon, after about 8 days. I only realized I was shadow-banned last week Thursday or Friday when I saw a Dragonair nearby me spawn on sgpokemap and I went to try to get it, but after 15 mins walking in circles it didn't even appeared and at that point I realized I might been shadow-banned.

Please be aware that the use of such software can result in the loss of your account. If you have been using such software, we strongly encourage you to stop. If you have accessed certain unauthorized third-party apps or websites, it is also possible that your account may have been compromised. We recommend that you change your password immediately. The punishments may be varied, but the software culprits remain the same. Niantic likely took these measures on purpose to ensure the prized reward is as rare as it should be. Remove all traces of spoofing apps and enjoy the game fairly with the masses.

About shadowban

Shadow banning also called stealth banning , ghost banning or comment ghosting [1] is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned. - People who automate that process with a bot suck the fun out of the game.

What's a shadow ban in Pokemon Go? How do you stop it from happening to your account? If you've been shadow banned in error, how do.
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