Dragon ball z soundtrack

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dragon ball z soundtrack

Dragon Ball Z Original Soundtrack Collection

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With any show the music has the power to enhance a scene or detract from it. It totally ruins the moment and takes you out of the scene. Many of us got into the series through the American dub of Dragon Ball Z , particularly the Funimation dub. It has a bit of an Old West vibe to it, building up the tense quiet before a big battle. It paints the standoff between the Z Fighters and the Ginyu Force really clearly through music and has such a personality to it like a fight is about to go down.

This list contains known album titles from both Japanese and American releases of music from all iterations of the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball: Music Collection. Dragon Ball: Music Collection was released in and is the official soundtrack of the anime Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball: Hit Song Collection. Dragon Ball: Nan Demo Hyakka. Dragon Ball: Complete Song Collection.

Dragonball Z American Soundtrack series is the domestic soundtrack collection drawn from Bruce Faulconer 's music for the anime series Dragon Ball Z ; Faulconer's music for the series was commissioned by Funimation. These soundtracks were produced by Faulconer between and The soundtrack was written and composed by Bruce Faulconer, produced by Faulconer Productions Music and released on May 8, The music contained on the soundtrack was composed and performed by Bruce Faulconer, and was recorded at CakeMix Recording. The album was released by Faulconer Productions Music on May 8,


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