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Is Alive 2017 Happening?! Because Daft Punk Just Posted a Photo of Them On Top of a Pyramid

daft punk alive 2017

Alive is a tour that Daft Punk was rumored to be working on. The rumor started in summer when a website and a Facebook page popped up named.

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Daft Punk have sparked excitement among their wide fan base after a mystery website called Alive appeared on Wednesday morning. Since these seem to happen every decade, it seems highly likely that a new string of shows is scheduled for next year. Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead and Lady Gaga are also among the hotly-tipped names, with the lineup usually unveiled in the spring. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

More Images. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Phonographic Copyright p — Daft Life Ltd. Copyright c — Daft Life Ltd. Issued ia a triple gatefold sleeve. Contains a sample of "Release The Beast", performed by Breakwater.

Iconically secretive, the pair are never seen without wearing metal robot helmets, hiding their identities. While the band are mainly labelled electronic in sound, they often infuse elements of pop, rock, disco, techno and funk into their sound - earning them a dedicated and varied fanbase. In , they collaborated with Pharrell Williams for that year's 'song of the summer' Get Lucky. UV lights start showing up on-screen as a crowd can be heard screaming, as an electronic voice is heard repeating the word 'Alive'. There were rumours that the band would tour this year in September , with a website titled the same thing. As the dates and tour is yet to be officially confirmed, tickets for the shows are not yet available for purchase or been announced for purchase. Officially, the tour is yet to be announced - with only a number sequence giving fans any kind of clue as to what to expect from this electronic band.

Now Daft Punk rumors are heating up. This week, reddit users have discovered an Alive website with a countdown clock.
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Fans are convinced that the French duo are about to announce their first tour in ten years! We have no idea whether or not it's correct, but we're getting excited just thinking about all the possibilities. Firstly, a website with the URL alive But the website, which is literally just a black page with the word ALIVE written on it in white, also has a hidden secret. Behind the letter I, there is a not-so-secret countdown timer which is counting down to 27th October.

Alive is a tour that Daft Punk was rumored to be working on. The rumor started in summer when a website and a Facebook page popped up named "Alive " that 'announced' that Daft Punk were going to be touring at some point in and releasing a new album following the tour. The website and Facebook page were exposed as fake and unofficial, however, some still say that Daft Punk were using them as a hint towards the future. Reddit user "spaceship" of the Daft Punk Subreddit claimed the site as theirs and confirmed it as fake. After 3 or so years of Daft Punk not releasing any of their own music, people were wondering whether they had given up on music production or were working on something big.

Alive is the second live album by the French electronic music duo Daft Punk , released on 19 November by Virgin Records. It features the duo's performance at the Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy arena in Paris on 14 June The album's physical release in North America was delayed to 4 December due to production issues, [4] but the album later became available as a digital download on 20 November , and was later released in the United Kingdom on 25 February It also includes a page book containing photographs from the tour taken by DJ Falcon. The Alive set used Ableton Live software on "custom made super-computers" [3] for the show.

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  1. Daft Punk fans have reacted in disappointment after rumours of the ‘Alive ’ tour and website launch appear to be a hoax. Yesterday, fans of the ‘Get Lucky’ robot duo were waiting eagerly for news of their return to the touring and perhaps new material, as 27 October was.

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