Il giardino delle vergini suicide trailer

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il giardino delle vergini suicide trailer

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The Lisbon family live in Michigan and although the parenting is strict and faith is a prime focus, they seem happy and comfortable. This is until Cecilia, the youngest sister who is only 13, tries to commit suicide twice, the second time succeeding in doing so. Throughout the film, the neighbourhood boys show great interest in the girls, but can only admire their mysterious ways from afar, attempting to understand them through the little communication they have. Through lack of social interaction and lust that cannot be fulfilled, the rest of the Lisbon sisters take their own lives by constructing a plan that involves cruelly tricking the boys. The soundtrack in this film plays a crucial role in expressing themes of lust, infatuation, and the pain the girls experience that comes with their lack of freedom.

Scheda IMDB. Un modo edificante di passare una mattinata incollato al letto. Finalmente sono riuscito a vederlo! Stava nella lista dei film da vedere da un paio d'anni. Un film intimo, sofisticato, diverso.

Learn more about "The Virgin Suicides-Trailer" on Biografilm - Il Giardino delle Vergini Suicide (The Virgin Suicides) - Trailer. video.
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Kuckt gratis Film kucken mat einfach Formulairen. Post a Comment. Gratis Filmer Online. Sprooch : English-Luxembourgish Duration : 1h 51 min run. Download : General View : viou.

The Virgin Suicides (1999) subtitles

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

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This film is such a hilarious and romantic teenage film that it has to have the soundtrack to match. During the school social, Harriet the head girl tries to charm Freddy and embarrass Poppy, by requesting the DJ to put on the song Tambourine by Eve. Poppy embraces the song choice and has everyone in the room looking at her while she moves impressively in the centre of the room, including the one person she wants to look at her- Freddy. This features during the sequence where the group of girls are getting ready for the school social, applying makeup and trying on outfits. The fun track only begins to fade out after the five of them strut into the hall, making heads turn. Overall, although there are sad and reflective moments in the film, Wild Child is a funny and feel good film with a funky soundtrack and I would definitely recommend it for a girly night in!

Biografilm 2013 - Il Giardino delle Vergini Suicide (The Virgin Suicides) - Trailer

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Based on the best selling debut novel of the same name by American author Jeffrey Eugenides , the film tells of the lives of five teenage sisters in a middle-class suburb of Detroit during the late s. After the youngest sister makes an initial attempt at suicide , her sisters are put under close scrutiny by their parents, eventually being confined to the home, which leads to their increasingly depressive and isolated behavior. Like the novel, the film is told from the perspective of a group of adolescent boys in the neighborhood who are fascinated by the girls. Shot in in Toronto, the film was director Sofia Coppola's debut feature. It features an original score by the French electronic band Air. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival , and received a limited theatrical release on April 21, in the United States, later expanding to a wide release in May


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  1. Directed by Sofia Coppola. With Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett, James Woods, Kathleen Turner. A group of male friends become obsessed with five mysterious .

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