Il massacro di jonestown

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il massacro di jonestown

The zeros - Il massacro di Jonestown #11

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August 23, Would it be desirable to have a president who always told the truth; who played with his cards face up? Would that serve the national interest? Otherwise our president would be at a marked disadvantage. The two best known Republican candidates for the presidency have recommended torturing terrorist suspects. While former Vice President Dick Cheney was known to advocate the use of torture in some circumstances, many thought torture had been abandoned by President Obama. The president chose not to condemn those who in the past may have used torture, [].

State forensic investigators responded last week to a request to check the building after the containers were discovered. Dover police provided assistance. The containers of ashes, 33 of which were marked and identified, were dated from a period spanning from approximately through the s. Documentation found in the bank-owned funeral home, including death certificates, helped forensic investigators tie the nine remains to the Jonestown Massacre, said Kimberly Chandler, a spokeswoman with the state Department of Safety and Homeland Security. State forensic investigators have taken possession of the remains and are continuing to identify them and make notifications to family members.

This website is designed to give personal and scholarly perspectives on a major event in the history of religion in America. Its primary purpose is to present information about Peoples Temple as accurately and objectively as possible. In an effort to be impartial, we offer many diverse views and opinions about the Temple and the events in Jonestown. We hope that visitors to the site will come away with an understanding that the story of Jonestown did not start or end on 18 November This is an educational and informational website intended to present a wide diversity of viewpoints. Opinions published here do not indicate any endorsement by either San Diego State University or the managers of the website, but do reflect a commitment to the principle of free expression. This site houses a variety of PDF documents.

Nel fu pubblicato nell'URSS il libro-inchiesta dai caratteri accusatori The Jonestown Carnage: A CIA Crime () di S.F. Alinin, B.G. anticomunista che avrebbe scatenato il massacro.
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Paul says that Guyana should use Jonestown to its advantage. Paul also believes that Jonestown should be restored and used as a tourist site. He reiterated that Guyanese need to think outside of the box and mentioned that if a monument is not located at Jonestown, one should be erected. He opined that the area can be preserved and used as a tourism site to generate foreign exchange. Guyana took the world centre stage when Jim Warren Jones, 47 at the time; a self proclaimed preacher, led hundreds of followers of the notorious Peoples Temple to their doom. In a clearing deep within the dense jungles of the Northwest District, Jones fed and forced his followers to drink a deadly concoction of kool-aid drink laced with the poison, cyanide. The sight of hundreds of dead bodies lying in the vast opening of Jonestown sent shock waves around the country and the world and shone a light on the usually quiet and scarcely known English speaking South American nation.

In fin dei conti, furono i sopravvissuti. Dal momento che nessuna stima o forma di censimento fu effettuata alla popolazione di Jonestown prima del massacro, si pensa comunque che possano esserci stati da 20 a seguaci non rientranti nelle statistiche. Secondo il New York Times [5] , il primo medico qualificato inviato sulla scena del massacro fu il medico legale guyanese Leslie C. Lui e i suoi assistenti esaminarono oltre cadaveri per circa 32 ore totali di esami e analisi, scoprendo che gran parte degli adulti presentava dosi di cianuro anche in parti del corpo impossibili da raggiungere senza assistenza, come ad esempio nelle scapole, mentre altri presentavano segni d'arma da fuoco. Alinin, B.

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