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Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Bank and Cell Therapy Centre

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After the safe birth of your baby, you could give someone with blood cancer a second chance of life by donating your umbilical cord. The stem cells in your.

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Anthony Nolan is a UK charity that works in the areas of leukaemia and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The charity is named after Anthony Nolan born —died , who did not suffer from leukaemia but from Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome , a rare inherited blood disorder. Initially based at the Westminster Children's Hospital , it moved to St Mary Abbot's Hospital in and to its present offices, laboratory and research institute in north London, in the grounds of the Royal Free Hospital. The charity was renamed in as the Anthony Nolan Trust. In Anthony Nolan set up the UK's first dedicated cord blood bank, allowing mothers to safely donate the blood from their umbilical cord and placenta after they give birth, [4] the charity then use this blood in their stem cell transplants. In Anthony Nolan became the first stem cell register in the world to start recruiting year-olds. Today the register has over , potential donors on it.

The Anthony Nolan Cell Therapy Centre processes and stores cord blood for national and international clinical transplantation centres. The centre also carries out world-class research using blood of non-clinical standard, and supplies cord blood to other approved research programmes throughout Europe. We hope academics and scientists can use our blood to improve cord blood banking strategies and develop new lifesaving therapies. We will list any suitable Anthony Nolan banked cord blood on search reports provided. We can import cord blood from international cord blood banks as required.

If cord blood is donated, we can turn it into a life saving product. We have dedicated hospitals for cord blood donation and manage the British Bone Marrow Registry , which holds the details of stem cell donors and cord blood donations from England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Together with the Anthony Nolan , we aim to create a UK cord blood inventory of 30, donors to increase the chances of finding a suitable match for those in need. Our aim is to bank an additional 2, cord blood donations each year. Cord blood is the blood that remains in the placenta and umbilical cord after a baby is born. Cord blood is rich in stem cells, which are used to treat patients suffering from life threatening diseases such as leukaemia. Register below for an information pack and sticker for your maternity notes.

Donate your umbilical and placenta blood to save the life of someone with Simply by donating the blood from your umbilical cord and placenta after you give.
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Roman needed a bone marrow transplant to survive but there was no adult matching donor. Instead, doctors used lifesaving stem cells donated from the umbilical cord blood of an anonymous mum and her newborn baby. Now, as we expand our cord collection centres, Mandy is determined to educate mothers-to-be about donating their umbilical cords. He has just turned two and it was the worst day of her life. For the whole family it was a heart breaking time as Roman fought his way through months of hospital visits and chemotherapy.

Usually, the placenta and umbilical cord are thrown away. And our cord programme is here to make them lifesaving! But they explained that they had found two umbilical cords that were sufficient matches and they were going to use this method. It was such a relief, as I was running out of options. Cord blood can be a great option for people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, who it can be harder to find a match for on the stem cell register.

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We have deliberately targeted our resources so that we collect from hospitals with the widest ethnic mix. In addition, these hospitals are subject to high delivery rates, which gives us the greatest variety of tissue types for patients. These tissue types are inherited and vary across different ethnic groups. The Anthony Nolan charity also run a public cord bank collecting at four hospitals:. The BBMR lists more than , blood donors who have also agreed to be potential bone marrow and stem cell donors, and have a target to bank 30, clinical suitable cord blood units by the end of

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How cord blood saves lives Where we collect — and why Registration and consent to donate Eligibility to donate Donating and my birth plan What happens next Storing and using your cord blood Private vs. After you give birth, your midwife or doctor will clamp and cut your umbilical cord, separating you and your baby.
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