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Scary Weekend In The Alps As Avalanche Claims Life Of French Skier, Other Narrowly Escapes

valle d aosta ansa

Valla d'Aosta - Ultime notizie, foto, video e approfondimenti dalla Regione Valla d'Aosta.

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Bisogna costruire un nuovo polo partendo dalla base dei movimenti. Non deve essere un unico movimento che fagocita gli altri, deve essere un nuovo progetto. Spero che si possa raggiungere un'intesa tra tutti in autunno. Sarebbe uno spreco esagerato, specie in quest'epoca". E' un po' semplicistico dire che il problema sono i movimenti, sono le persone ed i personalismi che hanno danneggiato i movimenti autonomisti in questi anni.

"Un nuovo partito autonomista, con un nome nuovo e un simbolo nuovo, per ridare fiducia a un elettorato spaventato, disorientato, disilluso.
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ROME, Jan. Friday's crash above the Rutor glacier involving a French ultralight plane carrying three people and a German helicopter with six passengers on board claimed a total of seven lives. Five bodies were recovered on Friday and another two were recovered Saturday, regional and rescue authorities said on Twitter. Italian prosecutors has accused Philippe Michel, 63, of aggravated negligent disaster and multiple negligent manslaughter in the deadly incident. The Frenchman said the plane had initiated the landing procedure when the helicopter appeared, Italian news agency ANSA reported. In a video posted on Twitter, Val d'Aosta rescue services explained that the remains of the helicopter were spread over a square metre area and that the bodies were found about 50 metres away from the wreckage, indicating that a mid-air collision occurred "a few dozen meters above ground". They suffered multiple traumas and contusions, are hospitalized in stable condition, they said.

Get the Android app. Get the iOS app. Send feedback. The body presented two stab wounds in the chest as well as blunt-force trauma consistent with either falling from several metres or being hit by a car, medical sources said. Police are seeking the owner of a car spotted near a cycle path in the area Friday.

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Si stacca cascata di ghiaccio in Valle d'Aosta, 4 morti


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