Natale galletta si sto cu te

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Fueddariu sardu campidanesu-italiano

natale galletta si sto cu te

Natale Galletta - Addo 'o tiempo fernesce - Video Ufficiale

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The original recordings of their conversations, many of which have never been previously released, reveal the ferocity, heartlessness and deprivation of young criminals who fight for their share of criminal pickings in the inner city. Our selection of wiretapped conversations, edited from hours of conversations, will give you an idea of the degraded, desperate lives of youths who are convinced that a life of crime will bring them respect, charisma and self-satisfaction. They shoot for the pleasure of causing death, for the pleasure of threatening others. Anti-Mafia prosecutors, led by Filippo Beatrice and Giuseppe Borrelli, have managed to penetrate the heart of gangland, leading to arrests and trials, but there seems to be no lack of new blood, and the young recruits emulate their predecessors and glorify their crimes in tattoos and graffiti. And so in addition to the so-called Camorra deaths there are side effects, with ten innocent victims over the last five years in the city. They mingle with locals and have managed to make progress against the criminals by seizing weapons and drugs. We head for Via Fontanelle, the stronghold of the Vastarella clan, which last year saw a settling of scores in which two gang members were killed.

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Their first two albums, of course, have been reissued and rejigged in virtually every conceivable permutation; the next four have at least been bled for the hits on a near-annual basis. But a super-rare Japanese four-CD box set notwithstanding, no attempt has ever been made to truly illustrate the band's entire career, from "Donna" to demise. Welcome, then, The Ultimate Collection, which not only does a fine job in unearthing all you need to know about those nine original albums, it also splits the discs in such a way that the first one gives you all the hits you remember, while the second serves up the songs that you very likely missed altogether. And a third, by way of a frustratingly incomplete bonus, pads on a few stray Godley-Creme and Wax hits, to remind us what three of the members did next. It's a worthy approach that suffers primarily through the indeed declining quality of the music.


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