Dating an eastern european girl

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What to Expect When Dating an Eastern European Girl

dating an eastern european girl

Dating in Western VS Eastern Europe

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Every single men on planet earth just loves anything exotic. It can be anything ranging from something insignificant, like food and music, to something with a really sentimental value attached to it like a relationship. For last few decades, the women of Eastern Europe have earned the reputation of being some of the most beautiful exotic women in the world. A trade that most men around the world have noticed as well, which brings me to the following question: What makes Eastern European women so irresistible? My thoughts: During my travels through Eastern Europe I discovered that the reason why men love slavic women is due to their culture, looks, and personalities. Of course — the reason comes as a mix between those three elements — but in my experience you can count on these factors to be a strong influence when you start dating Eastern Europe women.

For the last 5 years I have been working, living and dating in Eastern Europe. My job as a co-operate consultant has allowed me to visit every single country in the region and has provided my with some useful experience when it comes to dating beautiful Slavic girls. In case you are wondering what I mean with prawn. This is what the Urban Dictionary has to say; To describe a chick that has a mad body, but a bad face. Those Aussies — They have the funniest sayings in the world.

I am not a pickup artist, a dating guru or the ultimate ladies man. I am not even a man. But as a girl born and raised in Eastern Europe beautiful Bulgaria, to be exact that is currently dating a foreigner, I have some authority on the subject. A general point of advice—attracting any woman can be broken down into two very broad steps:. So I am here to tell you what Eastern Europeans are like, what they love and what they look for. You just have to do you. But show the best parts of you.

Eastern European women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are known to be high maintenance, but once you know how to treat them you will see they are not difficult to hook up with. I just got back from another trip to Europe and it was great. And to be honest, one of the main reasons I travel there is to meet single European women. Most of them are very good-looking, and they have nice figures. These types of stereotypes are very true.

Eastern European girls are amongst the most beautiful women in Europe. Although most are naturally good looking, they believe that women must go beyond this, investing heavily in their appearance. To Eastern European women physical characteristics only get you so far. Many Western European girls will happily go to the shops in an old tracksuit with messy hair, but you will never see girls from Eastern Europe do this. In Eastern Europe, females are females and males are males. They fully embrace their feminine nature and hate to be viewed as even slightly masculine. Unlike in Western Europe, where men are expected to share household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning, Northern European girls take pride in carrying out this work, and they love to take care of their men.

Dating Eastern European Women – All About Beautiful Slavic Ladies

Eastern European Women Dating Adviser Eastern European women are considered adorable like true beauty idols everywhere. Local ladies have an unexplainable charm and live in the dreams of young and older men worldwide. -



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