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The time Graciemag interviewed Anthony Bourdain about BJJ, traveling and food

anthony bourdain jiu jitsu

Jun 8, TV presenter, chef, food lover, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner Anthony Bourdain has passed away at 61 years of age.

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Bourdain after winning a blue-belt final at the New York Open. Christian Buitron. Anthony Bourdain sadly left us at the age of 61, earlier this month. Known for his antics in the kitchen and for being an avid BJJ practitioner, the world-famous chef will be missed. Graciemag had the pleasure to chat with the proud blue-belt for its th issue.

TV presenter, chef, food lover, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner Anthony Bourdain has passed away at the age of Noted as one of the most visible and passionate ambassadors for jiu-jitsu, Bourdain was found dead in a French hotel room as an apparent suicide. A best-selling food, fiction and nonfiction author, Bourdain came to the jiu-jitsu game late in life but jumped onto the mat with a gusto and enthusiasm that outstripped men half his age. Known as a heavy drug user in his younger years, Bourdain joked that jiu-jitsu became his new addiction. He would search out places to train across the world while traveling to film his TV series Parts Unknown, which aired for 11 seasons on CNN, an experience he eloquently wrote about. Bourdain loved jiu-jitsu so much that he dedicated half of an episode of his hit CNN series Parts Unknown , which reached up to half a million viewers per episode, to showcasing the grappling art. He reportedly trained seven days a week when not traveling.

Most people know Anthony Bourdain as a celebrity chef. Likewise, he has hosted a couple of television programs in the past. Not everyone realizes that him and his wife love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, though. Bourdain recently posted a photo on Instagram that proved his dedication to BJJ. In fact, the photo showed Bourdain wearing his newly earned blue belt. Bourdain and his wife have been practicing BJJ for quite some time now. A lot of his most dedicated fans know as much.

Renzo Gracie looks back at his time training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Anthony Bourdain and his response when he found out Bourdain died. Follow him on Twitter at grosenstein. When news broke last month that Anthony Bourdain, the celebrated chef, travel show host and storyteller, had died , few were affected as much as the members of the Renzo Gracie Academy in New York City.
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Chef, author, and television host Anthony Bourdain is known as one of the most influential men in the culinary world. For a man so obsessed with food, it wouldn't be surprising if he had a less-than-perfect physique. But the year-old has a torso that appears to be chiseled out of stone. The Parts Unknown host was recently spotted shirtless while vacationing in Rome with girlfriend Asia Argento, showing off a midsection that appeared to be transplanted from the body of an Olympic swimmer. How, exactly, does a man in his 60s who is constantly eating delicious food stay in such impeccable shape? Turns out, Bourdain's more than just the master of the perfect burger.



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