Night and day jazz

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Night And Day

night and day jazz

That night, teamed instead with Claire Luce, Astaire introduced Cole Porter's “ Night and Day.” Gay Divorce would continue for another performances.

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I wish, but it's not me. That is Tim Pierce. He reads music but is not a big sight reader, he does it mostly with chord charts and ear and memory. I enjoy watching his youtube channel, check it Thanks wintermoon. Dats it!!

Porter claimed that an Islamic call to worship he heard on a trip to Morocco inspired the song. This tune has been recorded and performed extensively in the jazz community in a variety of styles from Latin to swing. Our play-along below features the song as a Bossa in the key of C. However, the Dmin7 b5 can also be played as an Fmin6 or AbMaj7 every time it appears during the A section. Keep your ears open when you are playing with different musicians! The Eb flat chords seem to have been transposed a minor third up opposed to the supposed minor third down.

It is perhaps Porter's most popular contribution to the Great American Songbook and has been recorded by dozens of musicians. Fred Astaire introduced "Night and Day" on stage. His recording of the song with the Leo Reisman orchestra was a No. There are several accounts about the song's origin. One mentions that he was inspired by an Islamic prayer when he visited Morocco.

The two JGVM books are an excellent buy however. Correct, but the course is designed to teach you how to make arrangements like this one yourself. Amazing how he can do it using his fingers.. Hardly any movement at all, but he flies thru those runs. Really beautiful work.


Night and Day (song)

Night & Day Solo Jazz Guitar Arrangement



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  1. Genre, Pop, jazz. Songwriter(s), Cole Porter. "Night and Day" is a popular song by Cole Porter that was written for the musical Gay.

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