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88 Precepts

david lane 88 precepts

David Lane Talks Free Speech

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Lane also used the phrasing in other writings including the "14 points" in his manifesto of the white genocide conspiracy theory , and further in his 88 Precepts essay, stressing his support for racial and ethnic religions , opposition to multiracialism and miscegenation , and support for racial separatism. Lane was bitterly opposed to the continued existence of the United States as a political entity, labelling it the "murderer of the White race", [14] and advocated domestic terrorism as a tool to carve out a "white homeland". To that end, Lane issued a declaration called "Moral Authority" published through now-defunct 14 Word Press and shared through the publications of Aryan Nations , World Church of the Creator and other white separatist groups, referring to the United States as a " Red, White and Blue traveling mass murder machine" intent on committing genocide against white people. According to the declaration, "true moral authority belongs to those who resist" this purported genocide. Following a militantly Anti-American platform that ran contrary to most of the U.

88 Precepts is an essay or manifesto written by David Lane, a member of the neo -Nazi terrorist organization The Order. Written while Lane was serving a.
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I think this violates the community guidelines. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members. I think this is illegal. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, etc. Yesterday I came across deceased white supremacist David Lane's "88 Precepts" and "14 Points", which he and his followers believe revealed the "fundamental laws" for preserving the "white nation" rather, the "Aryan Nation" from the attacks of their oppressors, "that powerful and ruthless tribe which has controlled the affairs of the world for untold centuries" no bonus points for guessing this is code for Jewish people. I had planned to write a long, long post debunking these "precepts" point by point, but I started feeling ill at the thought of it, so instead I decided on a general debunking of this "laughable if it weren't so tragically wrong and if so many idiots didn't take it seriously" diatribe, without going into a diatribe of my own. Given the population of the United States alone, there would have to be about 20 trillion people living on the planet to make this even close to accurate.

The weapons that Brenton Tarrant allegedly used to carry out a deadly attack that killed dozens of people at a Christchurch mosque are covered in writing. Close observers have pointed out that the rifle was covered in slogans that referred to various far-right ideologies and to points in history. The manifesto he posted on social media, where he also livestreamed the attack, bears evidence of his ties to the far-right. It refers to a 14 word phrase first spoken by David Lane, who belonged to the white supremacist terror group The Order. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Order, founded by a man named Richard Matthews, was a terrorist group whose goal was violent revolution. The SPLC writes :.

David Lane (white nationalist)

A member of the terrorist group The Order, which was responsible for the assassination of Jewish radio host Alan Berg and many other crimes, Lane became even more of a movement icon after penning what rapidly became the best-known slogan of the U. Sentenced to a total of years for his crimes as a member of The Order, Lane spent his time in prison industriously pumping out racist tracts and other propaganda. After his death, a number of small memorial rallies were held in the United States and several European nations.

David Lane (white nationalist)

The judgments of the guardians, the leaders , must be true to Natural Law and tempered by reason". Eternal struggle is the price of survival. The eternal struggle is only interested with the species as a whole , not the individual. Our struggle for the survival of the species as a instinctive result by Nature , Demands that our species should not have any sense of compassion, for any of the, other Sub species. We should only be concerned with our species, exclusively. Inter-specie compassion is contrary to the Laws of Nature and is, therefore, suicidal.

Lane, David 1938-

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Fourteen Words, 14, or 14/88, is a reference to the fourteen-word slogan "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children," or the less commonly used "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." The slogans were originally coined by white supremacist David Lane, This can also be a reference to Lane's 88 Precepts, which.
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The Fourteen Words is a White nationalist phrase which refers to one of the following word slogans: [1]. The slogans were coined by noted racist David Lane in reference to his 88 Precepts and "pyramid prophecy". It is sometimes claimed the first set of 14 words was inspired by an word passage in Volume 1, Chapter 8 of Mein Kampf [2] but neither Lane or his publisher Fourteen Word Press ever made this association and it is probably a coincidence. Virtually every Neo-Nazi , white supremacist , and white nationalist has used this slogan or a variation of it at some point as well as their ideologies of course white-centric being based on this motto. The white separatist , white nationalist organization Northwest Front and Neo-Nazi Harold Covington use the 14 words in the preamble of the Northwest American Republic Constitution which reads as:. In the name of the Divine Creator of all things we, the Aryan peoples of the earth , do hereby set forth this Constitution of the Northwest American Republic, in order that we may secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. In January , Ann Coulter posted a tweet saying only "14!

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