Klay thompson shooting form

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Why Klay Thompson might be NBA’s best-ever shooter (other than Stephen Curry)

klay thompson shooting form

From a technical standpoint, Klay Thompson 's jump shot is as close to perfect as it Not every player can maintain proper form while shooting it off balance like.

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After a home shootaround in late December, with his 3-point clip down to a career-worst Tired of the story line, Thompson got uncharacteristically indignant. Although most players would be criticized for such a declaration, Thompson was widely praised for stating facts. Thompson had snapped out of his slump. Outside of teammate Stephen Curry, Thompson might be the greatest shooter of all time. If Thompson keeps up his current pace, he will pass Ray Allen — the all-time leader with 2, 3s — in five seasons, at age

Reggie Miller was asked on a radio interview recently which NBA player he would entrust to educate young players on shooting form. There was no second thought to his response, a concept Thompson is familiar with when he catches a pass beyond the three-point line. A compliment from Miller to be sure, it only begins to exemplify what Thompson represents within a Golden State Warriors team working on acquiring dynasty credentials over the next fortnight. Honing his attributes on both ends of the floor, Thompson has worked himself into arguably a more important role than his trio of All-Star teammates. Thompson received the ball far earlier in actions than he does in the NBA, a league where he has mastered the art of effective scoring through limited dribbling. Before his professional days, he was far more likely to receive a catch on the first pass, often initiating a dribble to the basket or shot creation by way of ball handling, as opposed to savvy runs off of ball screens and fakes.

Though they are defending the NBA title they won last season and going for their fourth championship in five years, the Golden State Warriors are not the regular season juggernaut that they once were. After all, this is the team that won an NBA regular season record 73 games, even before adding Kevin Durant. This year's mark is relatively sedate. There is definitely an inattentiveness to the regular season that hangs over these Warriors, especially in the final few games. See the NBA's best plays and stay up to date with the latest news. The Warriors can change gear and still be the best, yet they cannot, and do not coast like they once did.

The Warriors’ Klay Thompson Only Needs 0.79 Seconds To Beat You

Klay Thompson on Shooting

Klay Thompson's slump could jeopardize All-Star streak, contract money

Dave Guinane is like most teachers in that he can identify star pupils, those who are not only naturally gifted, but whose approach and method and execution are flawless when compared to peers. His form was classic. Kobe Bryant was very close in that way also. You can have 30 to 35 different things go wrong during a shot that takes one second, but those two were as close to textbook as you could get. Guinane is to the jump shot in basketball what Gordon Ramsay is to teaching the art of preparing Beef Wellington, a tutor whose expertise is equaled by few. Guinane has taught shooting since and has since given more than 40, lessons on a skill that comes easy to many and yet can bewilder even some who make tens of millions of dollars a year playing the game at its highest level.

Debate the consistency of his focus. Question his judgment about dribbling in traffic. Ponder the source of his supreme mellowness. The one element that has defied dispute was his jump shot. That is, until this season. That stuff leads to coming back around with your shot. We believe in him.

If you want to learn Klay Thompson's shooting form, you should need these pics. All the pictures I cut from HD videos, 4 angles, you can see.
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RSS Feed. What is the 'Secret' to World Class Shooting? I was watching the NBA three point contest during all-star weekend and it got me thinking. Is it the follow-through? Is it having the ball on your fingertips?

The Warriors lost to the Heat on this nonsense Wednesday. While it was truly exhausting to live there, amid this Bay Area deluge, I certainly miss the weather down in that chaotic swampland, and — truth be told — I miss the world-class nightlife. I can only imagine how embracing it must be for NBA players. A point first quarter deficit turned into a point Miami lead before halftime. Ultimately, the Warriors did find their legs and, again, took that late lead, but you have to wonder what that slow start was all about. And sure enough, since the calendar flipped, Thompson has been the best shooter in the NBA. Those numbers are straight silly, considering the amount of shots Thompson is taking every game.

A cushion from a defender allows a player to do his job successfully: It gives him time to turn and face the basket, bend his knees to develop rhythm and square his feet. Any number of things would correctly explain why the Warriors, who open their season tonight, are on the cusp of becoming a dynasty. Pair his skill set with that of Kevin Durant , and you have a legitimate title contender. None of that even speaks to the defensive presence and edge Golden State often gets from Draymond Green. Golden State won 95 percent of its games last season going when the swingman hit at least 40 percent of his shots from 3-point range , but the Warriors won just 69 percent when Thompson connected on less than 40 percent. And God forbid you actually show up a little late — you might as well turn around and go home. The next-closest player, C.

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