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Pin1 is required for sustained B cell proliferation upon oncogenic activation of Myc

ieo 5 x mille

[email protected] The Department of Experimental Oncology of IEO is composed of about scientists, 5 x per la ricerca sui tumori.

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The campus is small in area, but tightly packed with research labs and people from all over the world, heavily funded by international grants and Italian charity money. The two men are incredibly influential in Italian science, and publish in the most prestigious research journals. What to make of their research achievements, is another question. I know many people mentioned below personally, and in fact I am very disappointed at what I discovered on PubPeer. One case I even covered before, in this article. During my time in Milan, I met many great scientists at IFOM-IEO Campus, yet not many of them progressed anywhere beyond eternal postdoc, while their less qualified, less diligent, or even less honest colleagues became group leaders and tenured principal investigators.

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The c- myc proto-oncogene is activated by translocation in Burkitt's lymphoma and substitutions in codon 58 stabilize the Myc protein or augment its oncogenic potential. In wild-type Myc, phosphorylation of Ser 62 and Thr 58 provides a landing pad for the peptidyl prolyl-isomerase Pin1, which in turn promotes Ser 62 dephosphorylation and Myc degradation. However, the role of Pin1 in Myc-induced lymphomagenesis remains unknown. In both Pin1 -deficient B-cells and MEFs, the proliferative response to oncogenic Myc was selectively impaired, with no alterations in Myc-induced apoptosis or mitogen-induced cell cycle entry. This proliferative defect wasn't attributable to alterations in either Ser 62 phosphorylation or Myc-regulated transcription, but instead relied on the activity of the ARF-p53 pathway. Pin1 silencing in lymphomas retarded disease progression in mice, making Pin1 an attractive therapeutic target in Myc-driven tumors.

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Un istituto di riferimento dove la ricerca sui tumori diventa cura in tempo reale

The IEO aims to become an international point of reference in the fight against cancer. The IEO International Office is fully dedicated to providing a tailored welcome and a comfortable hospital stay, by meeting all individual needs. The IEO is committed to offer customized care for all patients and pay attention to their medical needs, language expectations, cultural and religious aspects. The IEO International Office, thanks to the collaboration with different partners, may also organize other services on demand, such as:. Patients will be informed about every step of their diagnosis and treatment by their IEO reference physician.

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The Division of Clinical Haemato-Oncology provides care for patients with haematologic malignancies and for patients with solid tumours for whom high- dose.
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