Caldaia 24 kw o 28 kw

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Caldaia a condensazione a gas Bongioanni Play 28kw

caldaia 24 kw o 28 kw

The condensing system provides substantial savings in the running costs of new heating systems and when replacing obsolete units in existing systems.

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Designer condensing gas boiler, efficiency and performance from the first class Functions available: ability to combine high performance, energy efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and innovative design Power available: 14 and 24 kW to produce hot water; 24, 28 and 35 kW combined to produce hot water. Details and technical details. Condensing gas boiler, amazing design, perfect inside and out. Available features: soft touch control panel with all the explanations. Power available: 20, 30 kW.

Integrated outdoor climate probe, integrated condenser neutralizer and much more. This boiler is ideal for installing condensation technology even on traditional high temperature systems, efficiently and saving on consumption. Mirai is complete with intelligent thermostat with adjustment and self-diagnosis function. To manage and control the MIRAI range-domestic boilers in complete freedom, wherever and whenever, there is the accessory Wi-Fi control. Installable in the same room of the boiler or in another environment according to your preferences, the thermostat is the brain of the b.

Il sito web in italiano e in fase di produzione! Premendo la foto di sotto, potete scaricare il nostro catalogo in Italiano! Of modern design, they can be installed anywhere in a house because of their absolutely noiseless operation and because they do not need to be connected to a chimney. The wide application of modern technologies and the quality of the material used as well as thoroughly tested operation, which include a modulating activating of the electric heaters, to prevent electric surges on the power supply, make these boilers safe and reliable. Proven technical solutions that include all the benefits of modulating regulating the operation of the electrograph, make these boilers safe and reliable in operation. Modulating digital control optimally manages the operation of an electric heater so as to optimize the power consumption of the electric boiler.

Fondital offers a range of cutting-edge wall-hung atmospheric boilers. Manufactured in Italy using high-quality components, within environment-friendly facilities. Fondital traditional boilers are ideal for domestic use since they combine high performance and low polluting emissions. This type of boilers is equipped with atmospheric. Available in several heat outputs, Fondital atmospheric boilers can satisfy domestic as well as industrial heating requirements. Maiorca CTFS is a wall-hung gas boiler with sealed chamber and forced draught with instant dhw production.

Caldaia Immergas Eolo Eco 24 kw - Certened

Wall-hung combi open chamber and conventional flue boiler. The compact dimensions and the reduced weight guarantee the maximum comfort and installation ease. - The condensing system provides substantial savings in the running costs of new heating systems and when replacing obsolete units in existing systems.




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