Al gore global warming youtube

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Al Gore, Movie Star

al gore global warming youtube

Climate Change Explained In 5 Minutes Featuring Al Gore

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The more than minute interview was mostly civil until Wallace confronted Gore over the faulty claims. Wallace reminded Gore that in his documentary he claimed that unless the world "took drastic measures the world would reach a point of no return within 10 years. Wallace added that in his publicity of the movie, Gore claimed that if the world didn't act, man-made global warming would result in a "true planetary emergency. Many predictions made by scientists and other climate change alarmists like Gore have failed to come true. For example, in Gore predicted that the summer Arctic ice in the North Pole would completely disappear by due to global warming caused by carbon dioxide emissions. That, however, never came true.

It was among the earliest occasions — possibly the earliest — anywhere in the world where a major broadcaster aired a documentary dedicated solely to the topic of human-caused climate change. The documentary, which was made by the now-defunct Thames Television , has sat in the archives largely unseen ever since. Until now. Carbon Brief has tracked down the copyright holder, FremantleMedia Ltd , and persuaded it to release into the public domain a selection of key clips from the documentary. The clips provide a poignant, historical insight into what scientists knew about climate change almost four decades ago — and how the world was beginning to react in terms of the resulting geopolitical, technological and societal ramifications. Many of themes still resonate strongly today. Can anyone remember watching it?

Jump to navigation. Javascript is currently disabled. Please enable javascript for the optimal experience! Begin Typing to Search Submit Search. This summer, former Vice President Al Gore returns to the big screen with An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power , sounding the alarm on the climate crisis transforming our planet and sharing the truth that the solutions are in our hands — but we have to act now. That is why Al Gore created the Truth in 10 slideshow, a minute presentation that will help you spread a simple message to your community: the climate crisis is urgent, but the solutions are at hand. Download the presentation, personalize it, practice it at home, and then go out and deliver it.

Environmental Activists, Heroes, and Martyrs

Since the beginning of his political career, Al Gore has shown an admirable commitment to combatting climate change and has been widely recognized for his success in communicating its implications. The journey all started for Gore as a college student, was challenged numerous times during his political career, and was highlighted by his blockbuster documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

Watch: Chris Wallace confronts Al Gore over his faulty climate change claims that never came true

Learn more about the causes and effects of climate change through one of these global warming documentaries. You can also screen or share them with friends or colleagues to raise awareness and inspire people to act. Inspired by the best-selling book of Naomi Klein, this sustainability documentary portrays seven communities on the front lines in the fight against the fossil fuel industry. You witness climate change first-hand and meet people who are taking action against it. This is one of the best global warming documentaries to refresh the basics of climate change www. This global warming documentary is inspired by the book Six Degrees by Mark Lynas.

As part of the series, TakePart has also teamed with The Climate Reality Project to recommend ten climate crisis actions people can take. - M ore than 25 years before the star-studded Los Angeles premiere of An Inconvenient Truth , glaciologist Lonnie Thompson was about as far away from the red carpet as possible. It was , and high in the rugged Andes, Thompson and fellow scientists were witnessing the first glimpses of a pending worldwide disaster.

South Park's Al Gore apology contains an inconvenient truth: it's funny

This week, South Park offered something it has rarely offered, much less given, in 21 years of mercilessly skewering public figures: an apology. It was offered to Al Gore , the former vice-president who first visited South Park 12 years ago — or at least a bearded, high-pitched 2D version of himself did, voiced by co-creator Trey Parker. In that episode, Gore tried to warn Kenny, Kyle and Stan about an imaginary monster called ManBearPig which roamed the earth, attacking humans. The kids agreed to help him find it but in the process of trying to kill it, they all nearly died. The monster was never found but a preening Gore became a star. Climate change is fiction, fighting it will cause more harm than good, Gore only keeps bringing it up because he wants the spotlight.

During its opening weekend, Aug. But a lot has changed in the film business over the past decade, and movie theater attendance is in steady decline. Documentaries in particular often reach their peak audiences on streaming channels such as iTunes, Amazon Prime or Netflix, and attract more viewers to snippet-sized videos distributed on social media channels. In an interview with HuffPost, Gore seemed encouraged by the response among overseas environmental activists to his film. In the U. Coverage of the issue also appears to be waning. Broadcast television outlets, still a primary source of news for many Americans, devoted less than 50 minutes last year to climate change coverage, nearly one-third less than in , according to a recent study.


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