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Europa Immobiliare 1 sells a 22.7 mln property in Liscate

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Sign up to receive our free news alerts. The Fondo Europa Immobiliare N. Capstone plans to acquire 37, shares in Fondo Europa Immobiliare N. The transaction would represent the third bid from US investors to acquire shares of closed-end Italian real estate funds on the secondary market over the past year. The original closing date for Fondo Europa Immobiliare N. Among the assets of Fondo Europa Immobiliare N. Asset class: Multi Assets.

Another day of losses at the Stock Exchange for four property funds. In comparison with the Irs disaster Invest Real Security one year ago -, this time is better. Well, this fund will be completely liquidated in a few months and, according to the estimations that must be confirmed by the fund manager properties sold in the last weeks, the liquidity of the fund, the closure fees and commissions , Europa Immobiliare is expected to close with a loss around one quarter of its value. The company itself stated that the returns should be comprised between Another poor performance by Poste Italiane. Losses, even if in a lighter form, for Delta Immobiliare Dea Capital real estate , allocated in In this case, one of the factors for the bad results has been the specialization of the fund, namely touristic properties, that have been badly impacted by the recession, along with the drop of value of the properties a common element to all the four funds.

Update on my basket of Italian real estate funds

Performance charts for Vegagest Europa Immobiliare 1 Fund (QFEI1) including intraday, historical and comparison charts, technical analysis and trend lines.
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Two years ago I bought a basket of Italian real estate funds with a simple thesis: they are all liquidating because they all have a fixed end date and they are trading at a big discount to net asset value. Since then that thesis has been playing out slowly. While the overall discount has remained roughly constant there have been some significant shifts between individual funds. Other stocks have seen their discount grow. My other additions are Securfondo and Socrate.



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