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The 7 Best Naomi Watts Movies

naomi watts new movie

Naomi Watts Movies List 1986-2019 ( Global Celebrity )

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Naomi Watts is a uniquely gifted actor. A precious few have forged such a relationship with the enigmatic David Lynch as she. She is gifted in both comedy and drama, mass-market pictures and more modest fare. Here are her seven best films to date. Her optimism is countered by a mysterious femme fatale named Rita Laura Harring who is struggling to remember anything beyond her name.

The psychological thriller Luce will grip you from the start, as a seemingly picture-perfect family begins to fracture once trust is destroyed. Is Luce the perfect son, student, and athlete who has overcome his horrific childhood trauma and is being victimized by a suspicious teacher? Or is he a sociopath who needs to be watched and questioned? Your opinion will keep changing every scene, and will continue to do so long after the credits have stopped rolling. But for Luce star Watts, the reason she signed on to the film was actually a lot simpler: It was all because of her costar Spencer. Below, Watts dives deep into why Spencer was so integral to her signing on to Luce , the complicated storytelling and ambiguity of the film, and more.

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Sign in. Michael McKean shares a surprising pick that made his Watchlist. Watch now. At Sundance , the Funny Games co-stars detail coming together again in Luce as a married couple reckoning with their idealized image of their adopted son from war-torn Eritrea. Catch the full interview. Start your free trial.

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