We are in shit

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We're In The Shit

we are in shit

A very philosophical topic, talking about why the universe exists, why we are alive, Dude #1 "I just started watching Vsauce, and there is some really Deep Shit.

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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. This sorry piece of codswallop about exploding ships appears to have begun its Internet life in February Akin to the faux etymology of the word fuck , a specious acronym has once again been claimed as the origin of yet another term beloved of potty-mouths everywhere:. Fabulous bit of historical knowledge: Ever wonder where the word shit comes from … well here it is.

Send Shit Let them have their dues for what they have done. Send them what they deserve: Send Shit! You got the reason - We got the weapon Strafe them all who have hurt you, conned you or wronged you. We will send a generous quantity for you to get your satisfaction. This is why we indicate the volume, because the weight will change with weather conditions. Our clearbox contains milliliters, thus one lovely litre or about a quart of a gallon of georgeous shit.

What made you want to look up in deep shit? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.
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Shit is a word generally considered to be vulgar and profane in Modern English. As a noun, it refers to fecal matter, and as a verb it means to defecate ; in the plural "the shits" , it means diarrhoea. Shite is a common variant in British and Irish English. It could also be used to refer to any other noun in general or as an expression of annoyance, surprise or anger. The word shit also shite in British and Hiberno-English [3] is usually avoided in formal speech. Minced oath substitutes for the word shit in English include shoot , [4] [5] shucks , [6] sugar , [7] and the euphemistic backronym , Sugar, Honey, Ice d Tea. In the word's literal sense, it has a rather small range of common usages.

Etymology of ‘Shit’

During live performances, Corey Taylor has the audience scream the line "people equals shit! The message trying to get across is that of the human race is depleating itself of the simple pleasures in life and that everyone is now fake. Fake meaning people, society, everyone, is now pretending to be someone else.

People = Shit

Top definition. Deep Shit unknown. To be in trouble. I shot the wrong asshole, now I'm in deep shit! In a very bad situation.




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  1. fragment of radio transmission: We are INNN the shit, get some air cover in here. -or- Jesus Christ, we are REALLY IN THE SHIT double deep need artillery.

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